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Our vision is to help keep the world’s information free and accessible to everyone.

AdPushup is a result of this vision.

Our ad revenue optimization tool can automatically and continuously optimize your website’s ad layout for higher viewability and number of clicks, thereby helping you save time and make more money. All this without affecting your website visitor’s user experience.

Essentially, we are helping web publishers and independent bloggers maximize their ad revenue so that they can continue doing what they do best – provide the world with amazing and freely accessible content.

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  • Ankit Oberoi

  • Atul Agarwal

  • Dhiraj Singh Bhandral

    Product Engineer
  • Shreyas Zare

    Product Engineer
  • Anil Panghal

    Product Engineer
  • Zahin Alwa

    Product Engineer
  • Sahil Singh

    Product Engineer
  • Surbhi Goel

    Finance & Administration
  • Priyesh Choudhary

    Product Evangelist
  • Abhinav Choudhari

    Product Evangelist
  • Swapnil Sai

    Customer Success Specialist
  • Abhijit Chatterjee

    Technical Success Engineer
  • Rijul Sharma

    Customer Success Specialist
  • Shubham Grover

    Customer Success Specialist
  • Vishveshwar Jatain

    Content Strategist
  • Sujan Deswal

  • Mukesh Jha

    Research Specialist
  • Nithin PR

  • Nizamuddin

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