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AdPushup provides custom implementation of Accelerated Mobile Pages. We designed our AMP converter keeping in mind the specific needs of web publishers who are struggling with high page abandonment rates and low ad revenue on mobile web pages.

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Key Publisher Challenges

High Bounce Rate

50% internet users abandon a web page if it takes longer than three seconds to load. The numbers are worse for mobile devices, as web pages are often requested on a slow connections. This means that most of your mobile users leave long before the content is loaded, killing conversion and revenue.

Low Ad Earnings

While AMP is great at decreasing page load time and reducing bounce rate for mobile web pages, web publishers have struggled to generate ad revenue on AMP-optimized pages. That’s because the ad formats and sizes that work well on desktop and standard mobile web pages do not perform on AMP-optimized variants.

Branding Inconsistency

Most existing AMP plugins and converters help publishers fight page abandonment by making web pages load faster on mobile—but at the cost of user experience. Most plug-and-play AMP plugins and solutions strip the web pages of all branding and CSS design elements. The result? All web pages end up looking the same.

Faster Page Loading, Better Monetization, Powered by AMP

Faster Page Loading, Better Monetization, Powered by AMP

High Viewability

Since our ad units are specifically designed for use on AMP pages, they load much faster than standard ad units, and as a result, score higher on viewability.

SEO Advantage

Google recently announced in its “mobile update” that faster-loading web pages will rank higher in search results on the mobile web, giving AMP pages a clear edge in search engine result rankings.

Complete Control

You maintain complete control of your website at all times. Our team will assist in converting pages to their AMP variants, but nothing goes through without your knowledge or approval.

AMP Converter

Product Capability

Tailor-made Design

Most AMP plugins churn out web pages that look the same. Our converter is able to generate templates on AMP pages which emulate your mobile website.

Automatic Page Conversion

Once the initial template is set, our intelligent converter crawls the website for content and automatically converts new web pages to their AMP versions.

Monetization Management

We create and implement an ad layout that delivers high performance on AMP, including the new “fast fetch” delivery that drives up to 6X revenue.

Dynamic Content Support

For publishers who need content to be dynamically updated (ticker, news feed, etc.), we offer dynamic content support using AMP live-list and amp bind.

User Interaction Support

Most AMP plugins and converters cannot handle content that requires user interaction such as forms, quizzes, calculators, but our solution can.

Validation & Error Resolution

Our compliance includes automatic validation of new AMP pages and a tracking system with Google Search Console monitoring and error resolution.

AMP Revenue Maximization

Owing to our extensive ad revenue optimization experience, our AMP pages are designed to generate the maximum yield by running ad mediation, header bidding, and numerous other optimizations on your AMP pages, while ensuring you get the UX benefits of the AMP platform.

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AMP Revenue Maximization

AdPushup is Easy to Use

We designed our product to enable the average publisher to take control of their ad stack. You don’t need a technical background to work with us or take advantage of our platform.

Easy Setup

No Coding Required

Dedicated Account Managers

AdPushup is Easy to Use

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Over the years, we have helped more than 300 hundred web publishers sustainably increase their ad CTRs, CPMs, and overall revenues without compromising on user experience. If you want to learn how our technology can do the same for you, go ahead and request a free demo.

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