While optimizing for ad revenue, most web publishers either focus on increasing their ad inventory or optimizing the existing inventory. Ad refresh is a technology that can help publishers achieve both of those goals without compromising the user experience of the website.

Ad refresh allows publishers to load a fresh set of ads for website users based on predefined triggers such as session time, user actions, or custom events. This can help publishers improve their revenue per session, especially on sites with higher-than-average session durations such as in-browser gaming websites, tools and utility websites, and sites publishing long-form content. The main benefit of using ad refresh is a significant uplift in overall ad revenue.

There is a risk with ad refresh, however—most current generation ad refresh solutions in the market use a brute approach to refreshing ads, neither taking into account user engagement nor considering the impact of the refresh system on ad viewability score of the inventory. As a result, these solutions invariably end up refreshing ads outside the user’s viewport—a process that hurts the publisher’s viewability score and ultimately reduces the value of their ad inventory.

Keeping these challenges in mind and after assessing the solutions that currently exist, we developed a smarter ad refresh system based on user engagement and ad viewability. According to current industry standards, an ad is considered viewable when:

“50% of the ad’s pixels are visible in the browser window for a continuous 1 second”

Our ActiveView Refresh Ads system only refreshes ads when the viewability criteria for the existing set of ads is met. This condition protects the viewability score of your inventory, while still allowing your website to benefit from revenue optimization aspect of using ad refresh.

We also use user engagement signals such as on-page clicking and scrolling to define a minimum threshold of activity that needs to be met before the ads are triggered for a refresh.

In addition to a smarter refresh mechanism, we also enable lazy loading on ads, which ensures that ads outside the user’s viewport are not asynchronously loaded—thereby reducing bandwidth consumption and enabling a smoother user experience for website visitors.

As our solution ensures that refreshed ads are viewable and served only to active users, it makes your ad inventory more attractive to buyers, ultimately driving up bid competition and overall revenue.

How well does our system work? CCNA7 is one of the early adopters of our ActiveView Refresh Ads system—in the last six months, they have witnessed a 352% increase in ad revenue, with a corresponding increase in the number of ad requests generated.

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