10 Smart Ways to Get More Conversions from Your WordPress Site or Blog

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When businesses create their WordPress websites, they have a certain purpose in mind, be it to sell, inform, entertain, or generate leads. There are many ways to achieve those goals, some better and some worse. While they may know what needs to be done in order to get people to the website, but in many cases, that’s all they know.

Once you have managed to get visitors to your website, the next step involves getting your visitors to convert into leads, and your WordPress site is an excellent place to generate leads.

How? Read on to find out.

1. Ensure Your Landing Page is Conversion-Optimized

The issue with the majority of blog posts is that they lack proper optimization for capturing leads. While you can place an opt-in form anywhere you like in a pop-up or post, but it won’t work as well as when done through an optimized landing page.These landing pages are not blog posts. In fact, they are specially created with catchy headlines, a great lead-gen offer, and appealing copy to capture leads. MuleSoft has a well-designed & neat landing page for their SaaS Providers Handbook.

These landing pages are not blog posts. In fact, they are specially created with catchy headlines, a great lead-gen offer, and appealing copy to capture leads. MuleSoft has a well-designed & neat landing page for their SaaS Providers Handbook.


2. Create Lead-Gen Offers

After you have managed to draw attention of people and get them onto your WordPress site, you have to give them a solid reason to remain connected with you or give you their contact details, such as name and email address.

A lead-gen offer is an effective way of getting the contact details of your prospects using an offer as a lure. With a well-developed lead-gen offer, you will be able to convert a handsome number of visitors to your subscribers.

3. Use Social Proof To Your Advantage

According to Wikipedia, social proof is defined as: “a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation.”

It is a good idea to provide social proof on your website, including information such as the places you have been, the companies you have served, or the types of clients you have worked with – all add credibility and encourage people to work with you.The Kent Group has a portfolio page:

The Kent Group has a portfolio page:

Kent group

4. Take Advantage of Testimonials

Happy customers leave behind testimonials. These are a sure-fire way of attracting new customers to do business with you. Use testimonials on your website to give your prospects an idea of the experience of other people.

Doteasy.com has a separate page for testimonials:


5. Optimize Your Homepage Properly

If you have been promoting your website correctly, you will be getting a lot of visitors from social media websites, referring sites, search engines, and numerous other sources. All of these visitors will land on your homepage.

This is why optimizing your home page in an attempt to capture leads is a great idea. Here’s an example of how Lyft makes use of their homepage:


6. Make Use of an Opt-In Form

Every lead-generation form must have an opt-in form. This is the actual part that captures your prospects’ information when they are submitting the form for your lead-gen offer. This form can be implemented onto your website in a number of ways, including:

  • On the homepage
  • On the sidebar
  • At the end of a blog
  • In a pop-up

Opt-in pop-ups, for instance, are an excellent means of presenting any lead-gen offer to gather your prospects’ contact details.

You can use Optin Forms to place such forms after a post:

Optin Forms WordPress

7. Develop Targeted Content

Good content is what draws prospective leads to your site. But to be able to attract the right type of traffic that is most likely to become your customers, you will have to prepare content that will successfully convert and can help you to achieve your content marketing goals.

The best content is one that addresses the needs and wants of your prospects and offers a solution to their problem. Good content also tells them how your products can solve their particular problem. You need to perform keyword research before you can develop targeted content. Use tools such as Google Adwords Keyword Planner to help you pick out the right keywords.

8. Add Links to Your Blog Posts

Regardless of whether you guest blog for others or post your own blog posts, it’s a good idea to insert links that take readers to your lead-gen pages.

For example, if you host a webinar and directly link to it, your prospects would take you more seriously because you have provided them something of value even before asking them to register.

Links in copy are more respected both by readers and search engines than those links in the author’s bio. Here’s an example of how you can include a link in your blog post:


9. Share on Social Media

This is common sense. Social media is growing at unprecedented rates and is a key source of traffic to a whole lot of websites. If you want to generate leads to your WordPress website, then post links to your lead-gen pages on your social media accounts.

Post your links across numerous channels throughout the day, each time changing your lead-gen offers to prevent monotony.

You could even consider creating various lead-gen landing pages for your visitors from each of your social media networks. Keep in mind, however, that only share best converting landing pages on social media.


10. Get Paid Ads

Many of the methods mentioned above often take time to generate the required leads. If you are in a hurry and want quick results or are perhaps short on time for whatever the reason, consider using paid advertising.

For instance, Twitter has an excellent lead-generation ad format known as Lead Generation Card that can be easily integrated with your personal CRM.

Whenever someone expands your Tweet that contains a Lead Generation Card, they would be shown your offer along with a CTA. With just a click, users will be able to send their Twitter handle, email address, and name.


This is a guest contribution by Paul Gossett, an independent digital strategist with expert knowledge of web development technologies.

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