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Google Optimize Beta in a Nutshell

Two weeks ago, Google announced the upcoming global launch of Google Optimize — a free-to-use tool which will let you run experiments and optimize your website. It is a free version of their enterprise-grade Optimize 360 (part of Google Analytics 360 suite), which was introduced earlier this year.

The tool is set to launch this month and will be available on an invite-only basis.

Google on Testing Bandwagon is Good News

Google Optimize is built upon Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. A testing and optimization tool that belongs to the same family as these will quite obviously be a godsend — if only to reduce 3rd party integration hassles.

In the introduction to Optimize, here’s what Google revealed about the product’s abilities:

  • Integration with Google Analytics (native) and Google Tag Manager: This will let a vast majority of publishers use their existing GA data, goals, and insights to identify experiment objectives and measure test results. GTM integration will speed things up with the implementation of said experiments.
  • Visual (WYSIWYG)  editor: This will enable anyone to conduct experiments: No coding required, thank you very much.
  • Targeting Tools: This is the coup de grace Google is focusing upon. Advanced experiment targeting will make personalization a cakewalk by letting you deploy the right experience to your audiences at the right time.
  • Experiment Types: Go for A/B, Multivariate, or Split URL (aka redirect) tests based on your blog’s  session data and conversion goals.

Google Optimize will start rolling out globally this month. If you’d like to be one of the first to use it, visit Google Optimize signup page and hope that Google sends you an invite by mail as soon as it is available.

How Motley Fool Made Off with 26% more Conversions with Optimize 360

A quick scan of Google Analytics 360 Suite landing page will bring you to this case study of Motley Fool, a highly popular stock and investment hub. They:

  • Used existing Analytics 360 goals as Optimize 360 experiment objectives. Their test objective:’s newsletter subscription conversion rate.
  • Reduced the time needed to deploy website experiments from 2-3 working days to less than 10 minutes.
  • Ended up increasing newsletter order page conversion rate by 26% post-experiment.

Last Minute Advice

Make sure that your Google Analytics implementation is flawless because data discrepancies will mess up your Optimize experiments and results (duh). Go through your analytics dashboard and fix any custom properties like audience segments, content groups, goals, etc. that are not being tracked properly. You have less than a month. Get crackin’.

In the meantime, don’t forget to start making a list of things you want to test. Pages with high bounce rates or subscribe buttons are likely to occupy top spots, but also keep an eye out for ‘Landing Pages’ with highest drop-offs in Behavior >> Behavior Flow.

For many blogs, personalized experiences may not be a prerogative yet. Nonetheless, learning about your audience is never a bad move. Generate an interests report and create some hypothetical blog experiences that you think would appeal to them.

Optimize will let you test and deliver the rest.