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Interview With Google’s New Head of Publisher Policy Communication

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One of the leading internet search engine and social media marketing conference in the world, PubCon had its 2015 edition in Las Vegas recently, and Brent Csutoras of Search Engine Journal had the chance to speak with John Brown, Google’s new Head of Publisher Policy Communication.

In his newly created role at Google, Brown will be responsible for bringing in more transparency in AdSense, simplifying ad policies, and facilitating better communication with publishers, all areas that he admits need improvement.

Here are some key takeaways from the interview:

  1. In the coming time, the AdSense team will be collecting feedback from its publishers as part of continuous product improvement. Brown encourages publishers to share their feedback about the product.
  2. The year 2016 will see many revisions and improvements in publisher policies and in the manner in which they are being communicated.
  3. Google also aims to make the system fairer, ensuring that both advertisers and publishers are treated equally.

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