Ad Layout Optimization

Create ad layout experiments instantly. Automatically optimize ad sizes, placements, types and colors.

In-content Auto Optimization Technology

Save time and effort while In-content auto optimization scans and intelligently inserts ads in your content without affecting UX.

Visual Ad Management

Use the unique and powerful point-and-select visual editor to control multiple ad properties and set up experiments. No coding required.

User Experience Optimization

Increase revenue without compromising your website’s visitor experience or modifying its design template.

Intelligent Continuous Optimization Engine

Machine learning enables the system to learn and adapt itself to changing visitor behavior to show the most appropriate ad layouts that attract their attention.

Segmentation & Personalization

Automatically create audiences and segments for personalizing the ad layouts to improve visitor experience.

Analytics & Reporting

Stay up-to-date with your account performance by tracking results via in-depth analytics, and custom reports.

Ad Delivery Optimization

Your optimized ads get delivered lightning fast through our Geo-distributed configuration delivery network which puts minimum load on your servers.

Integrations with Google AdSense/AdX

Seamless integration with Google AdSense and DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) which allows you to get started with a single click.

Multiple Ad Server/Network Support

Combine ads from different ad networks/servers and easily conduct tests to see which combinations return higher profit.

Helping 1000+ Publishers Maximize Their Ad Revenue

Optimize ads. Fight banner blindness. Enhance user experience.

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Ad Placement Optimization

Once you’ve created a pool of ad locations on your web page using the AdPushup visual editor - the algorithm will automatically start testing all possible combinations to find the best performing ad placements.

So create as many placements as you like! AdPushup will automatically determine the one with the highest CTR while respecting the ad unit limit per page.

Ad Size Optimization

Along with testing ad placements, you can also have AdPushup test and find which ad sizes perform better in each location.

So when you select an ad location in the editor, you also get the option to test different ad sizes in that location.

Ad Colors Optimization

The right color template can help make your ads attract attention and encourage visitor interaction.

While setting up ads with the AdPushup editor, you can also select their color properties. This allows you to create and test color templates based on - whether to make your ads contrast or blend-in with your website to offer a better visitor experience.

Color properties include Background, Border, Title, URL and Text Color which are all applicable to Text ads.

Platform Level Optimization

You can set up ad layouts fully customized for different devices like Desktop, Mobile and Tablet.

A customized ad layout for each platform allows you to further optimize the website's ad revenue as well as visitor experience.

Ad Type Optimization

See which ad formats are performing best between different ad types. You can test between Text ads or Image/Text ads.

The ad type experiment can be created for a particular ad placement and size combination or across all the ad units.

Point-and-click Visual Interface

No more copy-pasting ad units or Javascript codes. An industry-first unique point-and-click visual interface that enables you to create ad layouts seamlessly across pages, categories and websites.

No Programming Knowledge Required

When you use our visual interface to manage ads, you are no longer required to edit your HTML or Javascript code each time you create new ad units or tags.

Install AdPushup and then manage your ad layout without editing any code!

Platform Level Optimization

No more responsive ads which restrict you to change placements across platforms and thereby affect performance! Create a completely personalized ad layout for all the different platforms including desktop, mobile or tablet using our visual editor.

Color Template Picker

You can set up color template experiments using our ad template picker on ads to understand which combination works best for your webpage.

The color template picker can be used to create templates for single ad unit or globally for all the ad units.

Pre-load JS and CSS Code

Setup advanced configurations to pre-load your website’s Javascript and CSS settings with the AdPushup code (without deploying a single line of code).

This ensures that the loading of your site functions and codes remains untouched.

Improve Key UX metrics

Measure ad revenue along with key UX metrics such as bounce rate, time on site and pageviews per session, so that the revenue uplift is never at the cost of long-term UX.

Improve Time-on-site, Pageviews-per-visitor and Reduce Bounce rate Compared to Previous Layout

The AdPushup engine neither decreases or increases the level of visitors’ satisfaction from a website.

But properly placed and optimized ads that do not hinder content consumption almost always lead to improvement in engagement metrics.

Control Ad Setup

By converting your existing (original) ad layout into a control setup, we can divert some part of your website's traffic to your existing ad layout and create more reliable and accurate reports.

AdPushup & Control Traffic Split Management

Split traffic between AdPushup powered ad variations and your original ad formats (called 'Control') basis your preferences.

Easily revert to your original ad setup without making any changes to the code again.

Detailed Optimization Reporting

Get indepth reporting about the ad units which you create across different page types and platforms. Compare performance from our first-hand data collection and analytics.

Control vs AdPushup Measurement

Easily compare the performance of AdPushup vs your original ('Control') ad setup - This helps measure the impact of AdPushup clearly since it removes the differences created by external factors such as advertiser competition and seasonal CPC changes as they will affect control and AdPushup both.

Statistics For Every Ad Variation Created Across Website

In-depth measurement and analytics to slice and dice data, which can help generate valuable insights about your traffic, audience, content themes, page types and platforms. Use this data to further segment and refine your optimization campaigns.

Also, collect and compare ad delivery feedback and use this to improve your ad placement.

Use 25+ Options To Segment Users And Customize Their Ad Layout

No two users are alike and neither should be their ad layout. Your visitors deserve a customized ad layout basis their preferences which will lead to a better website experience and more revenues!

You can use parameters like visitors' geographic location, their refferal source, browser name and many other options to segment your traffic and personalize their ad layout.

Your Website Automatically Adapts To Each User's Comfort

You can personalize your ad layout for different audience segments to further optimize your ad revenue.

Example - Traffic from social networks can be shown a different ad layout than the traffic from search engine result pages.

Patent-pending In-content Auto-analysis

Using our patent pending ‘In-content Auto-analysis' technology, you can turn on the auto-pilot mode which can automatically create placements inside the content area of your webpages.

Page-level Personalization of In-content Auto-analysis

The system understands the difference in visual flow of content on every webpage (e.g. - long form content, short form, editorials, slideshows or galleries).

Machine learning enables it to find and optimize ad placements specific to a page’s content layout. This brings out maximum revenue potential along with a smooth content consumption experience.

Complex recommendation engine based on multi-armed bandit algorithms

Continuous revenue optimization in the face of banner blindness OR ever changing user and ad network behavior

Intelligent and constant check on the performance of every ad unit

Page-level learning

The engine conducts page level scanning and learning to create optimized ad layouts.

Benefit from AdPushup's global knowledge of serving billions of impressions which has trained our engine to take smart optimization decisions.

The system tests various ad methodologies - like ad unit combination testing vs individual ad unit testing, and subsequently adjusts layouts based on data confidence.

Automatic data enrichment from Google AdSense to further optimize RPM

Real time harnessing & processing of data and predictive optimization so that there’s no time wasted in displaying the best performing ad layouts to website visitors.

Geo-distributed configuration delivery network

  • Ensures super fast delivery of the optimized ad setups in real time

Optimized Javascript Initialization code

  • Asynchronous, non blocking code

  • CDN hosted

  • Heavily optimized for near native ad loads

Ad units can be automatically created in Google AdSense after you’ve added them in the visual editor.

Reports are automatically pulled from your Google AdSense account and are used by the algorithm to get the best RPM.

Integration with Google DoubleClick For Publishers.

Integrate With Your Favorite Ad Servers and Networks

To further empower your ad revenue making capabilities, we also provide the functionality to integrate multiple ad servers or networks. AdPushup is compatible with all the major ad server and network providers. Your premium ad inventory will be delivered as smoothly as ever.

Unaffected Performance

Performance is a necessity, not an option. Rest assured, that the system will not compromise the speed of ad delivery or over-all latency.