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Grow your ad revenue by multiple folds by accessing global demand from Google’s premium ad exchange (AdX). Skip the waiting queue with AdPushup and earn more with a larger pool of advertisers, lucrative direct deals and private auctions, along with advanced reporting and analytics—without the headache of managing everything yourself.

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<br>Best Google AdX Partner

Why Choose AdPushup?

Google AdX Partner

Publishers typically need tens of millions of monthly pageviews to get direct access to Google AdX. By choosing AdPushup, a certified NPM partner, you can get started with AdX, even if you don’t meet the entry requirements.

Healthy CPM Growth

Google AdX has one of the largest pools of ad exchanges, who represent the most premium brands and advertisers globally. This means that you will notice a considerable lift in your CPMs, right from the moment you get started.

Full-stack Revenue Optimization

Beyond connecting you to AdX demand, we also provide the full range of revenue optimization solution, including A/B testing-based automated ad layout optimization, header bidding, lazy loading, and ActiveView ad refresh.

Increased Bid Competition

Our platform allows AdX demand sources and header bidding demand partners to compete for your inventory. Additional demand for your inventory increases bid competition, maximising impression-level revenue.

Hands-on Testing & Expertise

Just getting access to premium demand will only go so far when it comes to revenue growth. Our ad ops team uses optimization tools, price floors, and smart timeouts to deliver consistent CPM lift for publishers over time.

Fully Managed Solution

The moment you sign up with us, a dedicated Account Manager is assigned to you. Your Account Manager will take care of everything from on-boarding to configuring your account and finally, optimizing inventory on a daily basis.

AdPushup delivers 40% revenue uplift on average. Learn how we do it →

Industry Praise for AdPushup ⭐⭐⭐⭐

“There is a fine-line between having too many ads on a website and making too little money, and AdPushup helps publishers find the perfect balance. They believe that it is not just about how many ads you have, but ensuring that the right ads are served in the best location.”

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“If you look around in ad tech forums and online communities, you will find that some folks find it difficult to monetize their traffic. AdPushup helps publishers grow their ad revenue by continuous testing, monitoring, reporting, and many more features, backed by dedicated support.”

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“AdPushup calls itself a managed platform as their ad ops team does all the heavy lifting on the publishers’ behalf. The intent is to help publishers focus more on their business growth and core strategy, instead of getting bogged down with ad operations, technical fixes, et cetera.”

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“AdPushup helps its publishers optimize their revenues by 30-80% as it uses advanced A/B testing and constant optimization service to improve ad revenues of its clients. It is quite easy to get started with AdPushup as publishers only need to install its WordPress plugin.”

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“I would recommend AdPushup to anyone who likes to have a hand on the steering wheel. It’s a great option for anyone who has direct ad partnerships, I love how it lets you track and compare performance. The visual editor comes in handy here to help you insert ads into your pages.”

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“In a short span of time, AdPushup has distinguished itself as one of the best ad revenue optimization vendors in the market. It’s easy to use, backed by premium demand partners, and is completely transparent with publishers with their reporting data.”

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