Product Manager

In the 3 seconds that you spent reading this sentence, we optimized over 12,000 ad impressions. By the end of the day, that number will rise to 140 million. By the end of the month, it’ll be over an astounding 12 billion.

If you’re a high caliber generalist interested in products that have a noticeable impact on the web, we might have a spot for you in our Product Management team. Whether it’s on our engagement suite or the monetization stack, your work will have a far reaching impact on how people (including you) consume and discover content on the internet. As a part of the role, you would be required to own the entire life cycle of one of our products, from ideation till Go-to-Market strategy. What was the last time your team shipped something that impacted hundreds of millions of users every day?

AdPushup is a market leader in ad revenue optimization products. The company was rated #19 on the Financial Times’ list of Americas’ fastest growing companies in 2021 and has been profitable for the past four years. We optimize over a hundred and twenty billion ad impressions annually across 226 countries and our product is used by some of the top websites in the world including Yahoo, Mashable, CNET, GSMArena, NDTV and ELLE.

Your Day-to-Day Tasks Include:

  1. Run and own experiments for feature development.
  2. Write requirement documents for upcoming features.
  3. Mine and develop competitor intelligence.
  4. Conduct SWOT analysis for key competitors.
  5. Develop competitor-wise playbooks for the sales team.
  6. Create and document usage scenarios for existing features.
  7. Monitor the performance and the health of the product.
  8. Collaborate with Product Marketing to design and execute the go-to-market strategy.
  9. Develop and maintain release documents.
  10. Conduct customer interviews.
  11. Get post-release feedback from operations teams.
  12. Research pricing models.

You Should Have:

  1. Love for solving problems, regardless of the problem domain; Bonus points for a passion for solving problems outside your job (any side project, puzzles, quantitative trading, maths/algo problems etc.)
  2. Thinking from first principles, unhindered by lack of domain knowledge.
  3. Strong understanding of technology, preferably through hands on development experience.
  4. Bonus points for having a stint as an entrepreneur or building a product from scratch.
  5. Good intuition for business and strategy.
  6. Great at multitasking and switching contexts.
  7. Excellent oral and written communication.
  8. Hacker mindset.

Why Should You Work for AdPushup?

At AdPushup, we have

  1. We’re growing very fast. AdPushup was #19 on the Financial Times list of Americas’ fastest growing companies.
  2. A superb work culture. There’s a reason why our Glassdoor rating is 4.9
  3. We’re operating at a super massive scale. Our products process about 120 billion ad impressions annually. By the time you reached this line, we’ve already displayed another half a million ads.
  4. We’re the market leaders in ad revenue optimization products.