Product Operations Analyst

AdPushup is a market leader in ad revenue optimization products. They process over a hundred and twenty billion ad impressions annually across 226 countries and count some of the top websites in the world as their clients, including Yahoo, Mashable, CNET, GSMArena, NDTV and ELLE. The company was rated #19 and #33 in the Financial Times’ list of Amercas’ fastest growing companies in 2021 and 2022.

We’re looking for a generalist with an analytical bent of mind to join our product team. If you love solving problems and have a good intuition for using technology to solve business problems, this role is for you.

Your Day-to-Day Tasks Include:

  1. Sit between AM, adops, product and engineering, and serve as a conduit for efficient execution.
  2. Identifying upselling opportunities within the current product implementations.
  3. Conduct SWOT analysis for the current setup to determine opportunities and threats.
  4. Design and execute analysis and monitoring frameworks.
  5. Design and manage a task management system for ensuring that all requests are tracked effectively.

You Should Have:

  1. Love for solving problems, regardless of the problem domain.
  2. Thinking from first principles.
  3. Experience in stakeholder management.
  4. Strong understanding of technology.
  5. Bonus points for having a stint as an entrepreneur or building a product from scratch.
  6. Good intuition for business and strategy.
  7. Great at multitasking and switching contexts.
  8. Excellent oral and written communication.

Why Should You Work for AdPushup?

At AdPushup, we have

  1. We’re growing very fast. AdPushup was #19 and #33 in the Financial Times’ list of Amercas’ fastest growing companies in 2021 and 2022.
  2. A superb work culture. There’s a reason why our Glassdoor rating is 4.9.
  3. We’re operating at a super massive scale. Our products process about 120 billion ad impressions annually. By the time you reached this line, we’ve already displayed another half a million ads.
  4. We’re the market leaders in ad revenue optimization products.