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Over the years, a lot of independent bloggers have reviewed our revenue optimization platform. Here, we are sharing some of those reviews which have been verified by us, so you can make an informed decision. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

“There is a fine-line between having too many ads on a website and making too little money, and AdPushup helps publishers find the perfect balance. They believe that it is not just about how many ads you have, but ensuring that the right ads are served in the best location.”

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“If you look around in ad tech forums and online communities, you will find that some folks find it difficult to monetize their traffic. AdPushup helps publishers grow their ad revenue by continuous testing, monitoring, reporting, and many more features, backed by dedicated support.”

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“AdPushup calls itself a managed platform as their ad ops team does all the heavy lifting on the publishers’ behalf. The intent is to help publishers focus more on their business growth and core strategy, instead of getting bogged down with ad operations, technical fixes, et cetera.”

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“AdPushup helps its publishers optimize their revenues by 30-80% as it uses advanced A/B testing and constant optimization service to improve ad revenues of its clients. It is quite easy to get started with AdPushup as publishers only need to install its WordPress plugin.”

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“I have been working with AdPushup for the last three years. They have expanded their product to offer a lot of new revenue optimization tech such as header bidding, ad refresh, adblock recovery. This is one of the reasons why I have stuck around with them. The other is good support.”

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“In a short span of time, AdPushup has distinguished itself as one of the best ad revenue optimization vendors in the market. It’s easy to use, backed by premium demand partners, and is completely transparent with publishers with their reporting data.”

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