Unlock Your
Ad Revenue Potential
With 0 Rev Share

Work with a Premier Google Certified Publishing Partner at zero revenue share for first 30 days.

Why this offer?

The Q1 slump

The ad tech industry's seasonal challenges are real, but so is your potential to rise above them. Leverage an optimized ad stack and premium demand to minimize the impact on your revenue.

Experiment time

Whether it is the Q1 blues or economic uncertainties, anticipated revenue decline is always the best time to experiment and grow.

Increased threat of malicious codes

In the slower seasons, malicious ad codes masked as ‘direct deals’ and ‘fixed CPMs,’ along with higher ad-to-content ratios by third-party vendors become more prevalent. Shield your revenue from these evolving threats by partnering with the most trusted Ad Operations team in the industry.

For 30 days, your revenue stays with you

For the first 30 days, we’re letting go of our share, ensuring that your hard-earned revenue stays right where it belongs – with you. Navigate the Q1 slump with confidence; we’ve got your back.

Exclusive offer for select publishers

We understand the dedication required to remain on a consistent publishing journey and this offer is exclusively crafted for select publishers who have been making the world wide web a better place with their incredible contribution.

What do we need from you?

  • Schedule your demo before 31st December 2023
  • The demo can be scheduled for any date before 15th February 2024

Embark on a journey of higher ad revenue

This year has tested many publishers, from low eCPMs to economic uncertainties. The peak revenue in 2023 has not seen the same increase that the peak of 2022 experienced.

As we step into the new year and a new quarter, having navigated challenges spanning from low eCPMs to economic uncertainties throughout 2023, we’ve decided to waive our revenue share for the first 30 days of our partnership in the spirit of collaboration and growth – dedicated to paving the way for your publishing success in 2024.

Why choose us as your preferred partner?

✅ Exclusive access to direct deals

✅ Increased competition for your ad inventory

✅ Ad fraud detection with Google policy compliance

✅ Improved page speed

✅ 360-Degree reporting

✅ Access to premium demand partners

Take the word of our publisher partners

Some success stories for you


153% Revenue Uplift

AskPython is a sub-site of JournalDev that enabled several people, students, and professionals, to find rich coding-related information and tutorials and witnessed a 153% Overall Revenue Uplift with Adpushup

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50% Revenue Uplift

Specializing in Entertainment, Fashion, and Lifestyle articles and one of the largest sources of Bollywood news, movies, fashion, and TV news, Pinkvilla’s partnership with AdPushup led to a 50% Revenue Uplift for them.

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25% Overall Revenue Uplift

IMEI.info, the largest database for IMEI checks and TAC numbers, increased its overall ad revenue by 25% using FrameRate, AdPushup’s powerful instream video ads solution.

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222% Revenue Uplift

By partnering with AdPushup, PC Builds achieved a remarkable 222% increase in its ad revenue in the start of Q2 of 2023 and has been growing since then.

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About us

AdPushup, a leading ad revenue optimisation platform by Zelto Inc (erstwhile AdPushup Inc) that helps publishers increase their ad revenue using automated A/B testing, header bidding, innovative ad formats, and AdBlock recovery. We are a Premier Google Certified Publishing Partner and backed by Microsoft Ventures. The platform currently optimizes 200 billion ad impressions annually for 300+ websites publishing globally.