Ad Layout Optimization

Ad Layout Your ads are personalized for each visitor, and with Ad Layout Optimization, so is your ad layout. We've guided hundreds of publishers in improving their website's user experience, setting up optimized ad layouts, and boosting ad revenue. Today, we're assisting 300+ publishers in elevating their eCPM by an average of 33%!

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Key Publisher Challenges

Banner Blindness

A long-known web user behavior, banner blindness describes people’s tendency to ignore web page elements that they perceive to be ads. Multiple eye tracking and heatmap experiments have shown that all users exhibit “selective attention”, i.e., only paying attention to the areas on a web page that are related to their goal.

bad ad layouts

Web publishers need a cohesive ad placement strategy that takes into consideration ad performance across geolocation, devices, traffic sources, and user reading patterns. Ad layouts that solely rely on industry-standard ad placements suffer from low viewability, bad user experience, and ultimately revenue loss.

Low Ad Earnings

Banner blindness combined with bad ad layouts ultimately result in low ad revenue for publishers. In order to fix this, ad layouts must be frequently tested and personalized to ensure that individual ad units have a healthy clickthrough rate. But manually testing ads is a time-consuming and cumbersome process.

Start personalizing ad layout for each visitors.

Discover Automated A/B Testing Based Optimization of Ad Layouts

You maintain complete control of your website at all times. You can use our visual editor to setup and test new ad layout variations, but nothing goes through without your knowledge or approval.

Improved eCPM

By using machine learning based automated A/B testing coupled with premium demand, we drive sustainable ad revenue growth for web publishers by maximizing the yield of every impression.

Better User Experience

In addition to creating separate ad layouts for desktop and mobile, we only work with ad formats that are high on viewability and low on intrusiveness, improving the user experience of your website.

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Product Capability

Visual Ad Manager

We designed our ad manager for use by people who have no prior knowledge of programming, just use our point-click-and-create system to rapidly set up new ad layouts.

Automated A/B Testing

Our ad optimization platform continuously tests individual ad units for size, colour, type, and location to discover and adaptively serve the best-performing layouts to visitors.

Demand Optimization

We plug premium demand from our partnerships with top-tier ad networks and exchanges into your ads (including Google AdX), giving publishers access to the best global campaigns.

Low Latency

Ad creatives are served via asynchronous global CDN calls to increase delivery speed, in addition, we use header-based ad loading and node-watch to optimize on-page delivery.

Control Ad Setup

By converting your existing (original) ad layout into a control setup, we can divert some part of your website’s traffic to your existing ad layout and create more reliable and accurate reports comparing present and past performance.

Deep Personalization

Our ad engine personalizes ad layouts by matching ads to specific audience segments differentiated by multiple parameters such as platform, browser, and location to maximise ad yield and user experience.

Our customers love AdPushup

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"Our experience of working with AdPushup has been really nice. From the approach of the nonintrusive pitch of the idea to integration, the responsiveness of AP's team, as well as delivering results."

— Mato Barišić, Programmatic Operations Manager
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"We were looking to optimize our revenues from existing setup and we've used AdPushup for services like to run bottom sticky ads on our website and performance was good hence we planned to explore more opportunities with AdPushup."

- Sanket Vora Sr. Ad Operations Manager

Forget Manually Placing Ads

Using our patent-pending in-content autoanalysis engine, publishers only have to set the parameters for serving in-content ads, our ad engine will then work to find the best possible in-content locations and dynamically creates ad placements without additional user input.

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AdPushup is Easy to Use

We designed our product to enable the average publisher to take control of their ad stack. You don’t need a technical background to work with us or take advantage of our platform.

Easy setup

No coding required

Dedicated account managers

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AdPushup delivered a 50% ad revenue uplift for Pinkvilla

Pinkvilla specializes in Entertainment, Fashion, and Lifestyle articles founded in 2007. By operating in India and USA, Pinkvilla is one source for Bollywood news & gossip, Bollywood movies, Bollywood fashion, and TV news.

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Pink Villa Image

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