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AdPushup leverages programmatic advertising and advanced ad technology to maximize your yield on web inventory with the new video ad units.

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Key Publisher Challenges

Policy Compliance

Running a policy-compliant player
is a struggle while ensuring the
credibility of the inventory doesn’t
get impacted.

Low Yield

Without the best implementation
practices, the yield on the site
cannot be maximized.

Complexity of Auction Logic

The complexities of managing
auctions also increase with
increased returns.

Page Load

Regular video units take up
large bandwidth on the page,
increasing page load and
hampering user experience


A comprehensive reporting
mechanism is required to access
data from multiple sources.

Grow competition for your ad inventory

Get access to 30+ ad networks

Product Capability

Best User Experience

Only the best implementation
practices are employed without
compromising the user experience.

Google Certified

The native video player is Google
policy compliant, and AdPushup is
Google certified. A win-win.

High Bid Pressure

Highest bid for every impression
served is promised, with the best
header bidding partners and
AdX demands


Multiple video formats, like in-content and content-floating, are supported for both desktop and mobile devices.

Custom Auction Logic

Utilizing essential inventory vitals
to run custom auction logic makes
the bidding process efficient and
maximizes yield.

Custom Content

Custom videos about the category/
genre of the website increase user
interaction and the average time
spent on the page

Lightweight Video Files

The video player is optimized for
instant loading without significant
bandwidth consumption.

AdPushup Advantage

Respect the user

AdPushup respects the users and brings along the best implementation practices without compromising on the user experience.

Quality over Quantity

AdPushup’s video solution ensures to serve only high-quality ads by using the following approaches.

Floor Sense

AdPushup’s video player comes with an ML-powered dynamic floor engine to fetch the real-time and user-specific targeted bids

Our customers love AdPushup

“Our experience of working with AdPushup has been really nice. From the approach of the nonintrusive pitch of the idea to integration, the responsiveness of AP’s team, as well as delivering results.”

— Mato Barišić Programmatic Operations Manager

PinkVilla Image

“We were looking to optimize our revenues from existing setup and we’ve used AdPushup for services like to run bottom sticky ads on our website and performance was good hence we planned to explore more opportunities with AdPushup.”

— Sanket Vora Sr. Ad Operations Manager

AdPushup is Easy to Use

We designed our product to enable the average publisher to take control of their ad stack. You don’t need a technical background to work with us or take advantage of our platform.

Easy setup

No coding required

Dedicated account managers

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AdPushup delivered a 50% ad revenue uplift for Pinkvilla

Pinkvilla specializes in Entertainment, Fashion, and Lifestyle articles founded in 2007. By operating in India and USA, Pinkvilla is one source for Bollywood news & gossip, Bollywood movies, Bollywood fashion, and TV news.

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Pink Villa

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