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The Importance of AMP In the Era Of Fast Internet

AMP essentially improves user experience, while making sure that website owners are getting higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates. It was an evening during the summers of 2003, a warm humid day with the monsoons around in Delhi. Standing on my balcony, I was yelling at the top of my lungs trying to communicate with the cable guy on the terrace installing my first broadband connection. I was all of 14 and the installation guy had no idea when I told him that his router was not forwarding my ICMP requests.  Read More

The Future of Advertising Should Be Open Sourced

Nowadays, there’s no conversation to be had about publisher revenue without discussing the impact of COVID or the death of third-party cookies. These are simply the times that we’re living in. A couple of weeks ago, we hosted a ThinkTank with AdPushup and a group of Monsters to discuss latency, UX, and their impact on revenue.  The conversation quickly evolved into how the cookie’s demise might affect latency, UX, and by extension, revenue. Read More

AdPushup Launches Header Bidding Analytics and the Hyper Optimizer to Refine Header Bidding Auctions

The first half of 2020 witnessed web publishers scrambling to maintain their revenue numbers. What started with minor fluctuations in CPMs snowballed into a full-blown crisis since the global outbreak of COVID-19. The words ‘COVID-19’ and ‘coronavirus’ swiftly climbed keyword blacklists, curtailing monetization of essential journalism. Read More

How the Pandemic Helped Pubs Think More Strategically About Latency

2021 is already shaping up to be an improvement over last year, crippling snowstorms and vaccine shortage be damned. For pubs, the year also presents something of a fresh start.  “It was like a magic reset button or a pause, one pub said at a recent Think Tank with AdPushup. “Everything had stopped. So let’s redo our website. Let’s make it faster, let’s go through and do that. And one of the resulting things has been a little bit more strategic conversation.” Read More

AdPushup Launches Header Bidding Analytics and the Hyper Optimizer to Refine Header Bidding Auctions

AdPushup, a leading ad revenue optimization platform for publishers, has announced the launch of two key enhancements as a part of its Header Bidding Portfolio—Header Bidding Analytics and the Hyper Optimizer. While the analytics platform aims to offer detailed real-time auction data for better decision-making, the Hyper Optimizer is a tool to help publishers improve bidder relevance and bid quality. Read More

Stricter privacy laws will force publishers to do with lesser data about users: AdPushup

A top executive of AdPushup, a company involved in ad revenue optimisation has said that the implementation of stricter privacy laws will further force publishers to make do with lesser data about users. Read More

“We must learn our lessons from the dips and rise above them”, With Ankit Oberoi of AdPushup

The best way to lead effectively during such times would be to be empathetic, take bold and proactive decisions, channel effective communication, form real and meaningful goals, and look for new opportunities. As part of my series about the “Five Things You Need To Be A Highly Effective Leader During Turbulent Times”, Read More

Capital Efficient Entrepreneurship to $30 Million from India: Ankit Oberoi, CEO of AdPushup

Great entrepreneurs continuously learn from the market. Ankit’s story is one of really diligent learning. Wonderful read! Read More

How Machine Learning Improves Header Bidding

If you have worked in the digital space in the past few years, you’ve likely encountered the term Machine Learning (ML) in some context. For those of us who aren’t tech experts, this buzzword may be a little daunting. However, these technologies are actually widely used across industries including digital advertising. Read More

AdPushup Helps Web Publishers And e-Commerce Companies Accelerate Their Revenue Growth

AdPushup is a market leader in ad revenue optimization that helps web publishers and e-commerce companies accelerate their revenue growth using cutting-edge technology, premium demand partnerships, and ad operations expertise. The platform currently optimizes 4 billion ad impressions every month for 300+ publishing globally, including brands like CNET, SPIN, PCMag, Mashable, GSMArena, and NDTV amongst others. Read More

Ankit Oberoi of AdPushup: Five Things You Need To Be A Highly Effective Leader During Turbulent Times

First off, thank you so much for having me here. It’s a pleasure. So I started my business journey a bit early. I was 14 when I set up my first business: a web hosting service, it wasn’t called cloud back then. I wanted to set up an e-commerce website but the process of buying a domain, running, and setting up a web server was so interesting that being the geek that I was, I decided to just do that. Read More

Scaling ad revenue growth with first-party data expertise

The impending death of third-party cookies is at the forefront of every publisher’s mind, and for good reason. Behavioral targeting and ad revenue growth depend on an intimate understanding of the nuances of audience data and personas: who web visitors are, what content they engage with most, and how they shop and make decisions across their online ecosystem. Read More

Interview with Ankit Oberoi, CEO & Co-founder of AdPushup

Since our publishing partners and prospects are distributed evenly across the globe, we currently have a physical presence in the US and India, where our regional teams oversee activity in key markets including Americas, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. We are currently hiring across all key functions including engineering, sales, marketing, ad operations, and customer support to support our growing business. Read More

Countering the Revenue Loss caused by Ad Blockers

In the last few months, ad blocking has taken a backseat in industry conversations and in the minds of publishers as they grapple with more immediate concerns, such as the revenue disruption caused by COVID-19 and Google’s decision to block third-party cookies by 2022. Even though it doesn’t feel quite as pressing, ad blocking is probably a more persistent threat to publisher’s revenues than either of the aforementioned. Read More

How To Tackle The Rising Cost Of Ad Blocking

There is no doubt that digital advertising has been the fuel that’s powered the free web. It provides publishers with funding to create high-quality content, which is made available freely to users across the world at the small price of having to view ads. However, as ads became ubiquitous and often intrusive, some users decided they’d had enough and turned to ad blockers, unknowingly crippling publishers’ revenue streams. Read More

9 Smart Tips for Creating and Optimizing Mobile Ads

Today, more and more people are interacting with ads on their phones. Whether they’re displayed on social media platforms or pop up on web pages, ads are constantly targeting consumers on their devices. If you want your ads to stand out from others, you need to create an engaging, mobile-friendly experience. We asked a panel of Ad Age Collective members to share their best tips for mobile-optimizing your ads. Read More

How Web Publishers can Capitalise on Growing Traffic

COVID-19 has caused a noticeable revenue decline in most industries ever since it was declared a pandemic in early 2020. The web publishing industry is no exception, and statistics reflect likewise. According to a survey conducted by the IAB on the impact of COVID-19 on ad revenue, 98% of the respondents are expecting a decline in revenue. Read More

The State of Yield Optimization with Ankit Oberoi

Ankit Oberoi, Co-Founder and CEO at AdPushup talks to your host Vahe Arabian of State of Digital Publishing about the state of yield optimization. AdPushup is a one-stop revenue optimization platform for web publishers. In addition to being a Google NPM AdX Partner, they are also a Microsoft Ventures backed startup. Read More

Chances of economic revival: The start-up and tech ecosystem

During the pandemic, the world’s economy is being reshaped very quickly, and Indian firms have to re-examine how they will thrive in a new kind of economy. Most successful firms are taking the initiative to come out stronger after the pandemic. When asked whether they were waiting for things to normalise before acting or proactively acting to emerge stronger from the epidemic, a few leading business people had this to say. Read More

Empathy, team spirit earn points in the new appraisal

Since the lockdown started and remote working became the new normal, startups and corporates are using collaborative and performance software tools like Slack, Jira and Confluence to measure key performance metrics. Others are looking at it more holistically and finding unique ways to assess people’s performances. Read More

Working with web publishers, this adtech startup has notched up $10M revenue

The digital advertising journey is a game mastered by Google and Facebook. While they take a lion’s share of digital advertising, several publishers suffer because display advertising is broken with inefficient client-side ad auctions in real-time bidding, and there is rampant banner blindness. The problem is publishers don’t have the tools to measure and solve for this blindness. Read More

‘It can be a money-printing machine’: The incredible revival of auto-refreshing ads

Historically, media observers called out the use of auto-refreshing ads as a bad practice, something geared to the short term and rather mercenary. But this view is changing and the practice is hardly en route to extinction. Over the last few months, the number of publisher sites with such ads has been on the rise: The ads within these sites auto-refresh based on triggers, such as the amount of time elapsed, delivering more impressions and thus boosting a publisher’s ad revenue. Read More

The Evolution of Prebid

Following the Prebid Leadership Summit in October, Dikshant Joshi (pictured below), director of product management at AdPushup, penned this exclusive article for ExchangeWire on the importance of Prebid for publishers, and how the technology is set to evolve. Read More

Press releases

AdPushup certified as a Great Place to Work

AdPushup, a global market leader in the advertising technology ecosystem, announced that AdPushup India has been certified as a great workplace by Great Place to Work® Institute.Great Place to Work® Certification is the highly acclaimed & most definitive ‘Employer-of-Choice’ recognition that organizations aspire to achieve. Read More

AdPushup Inc recognised as ‘The America’s Fastest Growing Companies 2021’ by Financial Times

AdPushup Inc, a global market leader in the advertising technology ecosystem has been ranked #19 in the second annual Financial Times’s ‘The America’s Fastest Growing Companies 2021′. Compiled with Statista- a research company, the list ranks top 500 private and public companies across the America by compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in publicly disclosed revenue between 2016 and 2019. Read More

AdPushup Launches Header Bidding Analytics and the Hyper Optimizer to Refine Header Bidding Auctions

AdPushup, a leading ad revenue optimization platform for publishers, has announced the launch of two key enhancements as a part of its Header Bidding Portfolio—Header Bidding Analytics and the Hyper Optimizer. While the analytics platform aims to offer detailed real-time auction data for better decision-making, the Hyper Optimizer is a tool to help publishers improve bidder relevance and bid quality. Read More

AdPushup Ranks No. 154 on the 2020 Inc. 5000 with Three-Year Revenue Growth of over 500 Percent

Inc. magazine today revealed that AdPushup is No. 154 on its annual Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. The list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment—its independent businesses. Read More

Sanjay Trehan joins AdPushup as Advisor

AdPushup, an ad revenue optimization platform that helps web publishers and media companies accelerate their revenue growth, has announced appointment of Sanjay Trehan, a digital media industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience, as its Advisor. Read More

AdPushup Recognized as a Finalist of Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for Second Consecutive Year

 AdPushup, a leading ad revenue optimization platform, currently serving 4 billion+ monthly impressions for over 300 publishers, has been named a finalist in the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for the second year in a row. AdPushup was honored among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology. Read More

AdPushup Announces Strategic Partnership with iZooto

AdPushup, a leading ad revenue optimization platform that helps independent web publishers, media companies and e-commerce platforms accelerate their growth, announced that it has entered into a long-term strategic partnership with iZooto, an owned audience marketing platform that helps publishers and retailers reduce their dependence on walled gardens using push notifications with advanced personalization and automation. Read More

AdPushup Rolls Out Code Optimizations for Reduced Latency, Faster Ad Delivery

AdPushup, a market leader in ad revenue optimization technology, has released information about code optimizations recently implemented on its JavaScript integration script, aimed at reducing latency and enabling faster delivery of ads. Read More

AdPushup Releases Unified Revenue Reporting for Digital Publishers

AdPushup, a leading ad revenue optimization platform for publishers, has released a new unified reporting system to help publishers gain a deeper understanding of their revenue sources and partner performance. Having access to transparent and extensive reporting is a top priority for many digital publishers. These insights can help optimize ad delivery settings, prioritize top-performing channels and demand partners, and ultimately grow their ad revenue. Read More

AdPushup Joins the IAB

AdPushup, an ad revenue optimisation platform for web publishers, has announced that it is joining IAB, the largest advertising trade association in the world. The move comes on the heels of significant business growth, primarily in the US, Europe, and India, with over 100 new publishers added to the network in the last year, and 1200% year-on-year revenue growth. Read More

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