Adblock Recovery

Web publishers worldwide are losing a significant chunk of their ad revenue due to the rising usage of ad blocking software. Our pro-user ad-reinsertion technology helps web publishers recover that revenue without disrupting the user experience of the website.

<br>Adblock Recovery
Adblock Recovery

Key Publisher Challenges

User Interface Disruption

Sometimes ad blockers misidentify social plugins and widgets as ads and as a result, they get blocked too. While the whitelist request notices that publishers use can help convince users to allow ads, most users find them annoying. The result is that ad blockers have a cascading effect in disrupting the entire website UI.

Revenue Loss

According to research conducted by the Informa Group, ad blocking is projected to cost $35 billion in lost revenue by 2020 in the most optimistic scenario. That’s bad news for web publishers who are already struggling to stay profitable amid other ad tech challenges such as ad fraud, GDPR, and brand safety concerns.

Anti-adblocking Trap

There are many anti-adblock software that claim to circumvent ad blockers using technology. The problem with such solutions is that it’s a cat and mouse game—the solution only works for a period of time before the ad blockers find the exploit and patch it up. Such products cannot provide sustainable revenue to publishers.

Recover Lost Revenue, Without Disrupting User Experience

Recover Lost Revenue, Without Disrupting User Experience

Revenue Growth

Our pro-user adblock monetization solution helps web publishers recover the ad revenue that they would have otherwise lost to ad blocking software.

Balanced UX

Since our technology is pro-user and complies with Acceptable Ads guidelines, there is minimal impact on the website from the ads being served.

Complete Control

Users still have the last say on whether or not they wish to view the re-inserted ads, thereby ensuring that we are not forcefully showing ads to anyone.

Adblock Recovery

Product Capability

Pro-user Technology

Most adblocked inventory monetization solutions in the market are anti-user and offer to forcefully show ads to users. Our solution adheres to the Acceptable Ads (AA) standard, ensuring the ads are user-friendly and non-obstructive.

A/B Testing & Optimization

You can setup and run A/B tests on ad layouts created using our layout optimizer. This feature enables publishers to further optimise the revenue from adblocked inventory. There is no ‘perfect’ ad layout, so we help you run trials and optimize.

Faster Ad Delivery

Similar products that use tactics such as IP marking, VPN re-routing, etc., slow down ad delivery. But since our inventory is whitelisted by adblocking software, and follows the Acceptable Ads (AA) guidelines, there are no delays in ad serving.

Auto Ad Layouts

Our patent-pending page analysis technology automatically creates your ad layout, without requiring you to manually create ad units. Moreover, since the ads not hard-coded, changes can be made without involving your tech team.

Advanced Ad Blocking Intelligence

We provide in-depth reporting and analytics about your adblocked traffic, which may not be available in any of your existing analytics tools. Data such as total revenue recovered, ad blockers being used, browser-wise usage, country-wise usage is available at the click of a button.

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Adblock Recovery

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Over the years, we have helped more than 300 hundred web publishers sustainably increase their ad CTRs, CPMs, and overall revenues without compromising on user experience. If you want to learn how our technology can do the same for you, go ahead and request a free demo.

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