Ad Mediation

Ad mediation can help web publishers optimize revenue between closed networks and non-RTB environments, where real time auctions don’t exist. Our ad mediation tool analyses historical bid performance data and adaptively awards impression to the network that is likely to bid the highest.

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Ad Mediation

Key Publisher Challenges

Closed Networks

Many ad networks operate in isolation and do not compete in open RTB auctions and this puts publisher interest at risk. With such networks, there is no way to know what the ad yield will be until the inventory is actually sold. Secondly, there’s no competition between closed networks, therefore, have no incentive to buy inventory at price that’s optimal for publishers.

Diminishing Returns

Closed networks use machine learning based algorithms such as Enhanced CPC which reduce yield as supply increases. This means that an increase in supply from the publisher will not result in a proportionate rise in revenue generated. In order to counter this problem of diminishing returns, publishers need to find a way to make networks compete.

Manual Mediation

While it possible to preferentially sell your inventory, it’s a cumbersome process. First, you’ll need to create hundreds of audience segments, then record the yield you get from competing networks, and finally apply your learnings to decide where to sell. Bigger problem: The performance is subject to change, so you need to do this over and over again.

Increase Bid Competition, Grow Revenue, with Ad Mediation

By generating competition between closed ad networks that don’t compete in RTB auctions, we help publishers maximize the revenue that they can generate from their existing inventory.

Automated Optimization

Our set-it-and-forget-it revenue optimization platform reduces manual work and operational overhead for publishers by automating traffic allocation across segments for each network.

Predictive Intelligence

We have access to performance data from billions of impressions that have been sold to these closed-loop networks for all audience segments, which we use to improve your supply exposure to these networks.

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Ad Mediation

Product Capability

Auto Mediation

Mediation is the most efficient way to create competition between products such as AdX, AdSense, and other non-RTB networks. Our bid comparison engine uses 15+ parameters to decide which network is awarded each impression.

Deep Segmentation

We categorize website traffic into more than 600 audience segments based on country, device type, and page group. By recording historical performance data, we are able to predict network performance to increase yield.

Manual Overrides

Although our ad mediation process is fully automated, you can set manual overrides to meet your specific business objectives. For instance, if you only want to run AdX demand on a particular segment, our solution allows you to do that.

Supply Load Balancing

If you only work with one closed network, they can take advantage of a sudden increase in supply by automatically updating the CPM. We make sure you’re not shortchanged by distributing your supply across multiple networks.

Detailed Segment-Wise Reporting

We provide transparent in-depth analytics about non-RTB networks through mediation, helping you understand the true value of your inventory and the performance of revenue sources. You’ll be able to compare performance of all networks across different segments of users, which we bifurcate based on location, device, and page group.

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We designed our product to enable the average publisher to take control of their ad stack. You don’t need a technical background to work with us or take advantage of our platform.

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