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To help keep the world’s information free and accessible, with the right team, the right product, and the right partners.

Our Story

AdPushup was born in 2014 with a simple idea: While A/B testing was becoming popular, no one was using it to optimize publisher-side ad layouts. Our founders built and launched a prototype to get proof-of-concept, which resulted in double-digit revenue growth for our first website.

Since then, we’ve garnered top media mentions, raised multiple rounds of funding, and expanded our range of products and solutions to become a one-stop revenue optimization platform for web publishers.

AdPushup is a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP), backed by Microsoft Ventures, member of the IAB and TAG, and winner of the NASSCOM Emerge 50 award. Today, we serve and optimize over 4 billion monthly ad impressions for the 300+ publishing partners in our network.

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A Vibrant & Thriving Culture

That values competence, transparency, and autonomy.

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Press Mentions

Digiday: The incredible revival of auto-refreshing ads

Historically, media observers called out the use of auto-refreshing ads as a bad practice, something geared to the short term and rather mercenary. But this view is changing.

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YourStory: How this adtech startup notched up $10M revenue run-rate

While Google/FB take a lion's share of digital advertising, publishers suffer because display advertising is broken with inefficient client-side auctions in and rampant banner blindness.

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ExchangeWire: AdPushup joins IAB, world’s largest ad trade association

The move comes on the heels of significant business growth in the US, Europe, and India, with over 100 new publishers added to the network and 1200% YoY revenue growth.

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BusinessInsider: Microsoft Accelerator backed AdPushup raises Series A funding

US based ad tech startup, AdPushup, has secured an undisclosed amount of financing as part of its Series A round, led by Geniee, Inc., whose major shareholder is Softbank Group.

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TechCrunch: AdPushup raises $632,000 for its banner ad A/B testing platform

AdPushup’s A/B testing platform allows web publishers and bloggers to create and test different ad placements, sizes, and types to see which ones make the most revenue.

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MarketingLand: AdPushup launches A/B testing solution for AdSense publishers

The tool optimizes publishers’ ad layouts across devices to increase viewability and CTR without hurting UX, and syncs to ad networks like AdSense for testing ad placements.

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Over the years, we have helped more than 300 web publishers sustainably increase their ad CTRs, CPMs, and overall revenues without compromising on user experience. If you want to learn how our technology can do the same for you, go ahead and request a free demo.

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