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Experience the benefits of client-side header bidding without compromising on Core Web Vitals with access to premium demand on your AMP ad inventory.

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Key Publisher Challenges

Low Page Revenues

Strict restrictions on ad-formats combined with poor ad layouts can diminish eCPM by up to 80% for publisher's AMP inventory.

Complicated Implementation

To function optimally, all AMP ad codes must be validated by AMP - adding additional layers of complexity for publishers.

Poor Performance Tracking

Since AMP is hosted on third-party servers, setting up reporting is complicated and often riddled with reporting discrepancies.

Run ads 6x faster without compromising on header bidding ad revenue.

Lighter Ads, Faster Delivery, Higher Revenue

Free of arbitrary JavaScript, our AMP Ads are highly optimized for mobile pages, making them up to 5x faster and 3x lighter compared to standard display ad units.

30% Higher
Click-through Rate

Powered by AdPushup's layout optimization technology, our AMP Ads deliver a much superior UX, leading to a direct increase in CTRs.

160% More
Viewable Impressions

Almost instantaneous loading combined with our ActiveView Ad Refresh delivers significantly higher viewable impressions.

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Our customers love AdPushup

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"Our experience of working with AdPushup has been really nice. From the approach of the nonintrusive pitch of the idea to integration, the responsiveness of AP's team, as well as delivering results."

— Mato Barišić Programmatic Operations Manager
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"We were looking to optimize our revenues from existing setup and we've used AdPushup for services like to run bottom sticky ads on our website and performance was good hence we planned to explore more opportunities with AdPushup."

— Sanket Vora Sr. Ad Operations Manager

Unlimited Demand with Server-side Bidding

AdPushup’s S2S Bidding Tool removes the 5 bidder limit set by AMP’s Real-Time Config (RTC). Plus, get access to dozens of more demand partners through EBDA, Google's own server-side bidding.

Our Demand Partners:

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Product Capability

Reliable Partner

AdPushup is a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) as well as one of the handful officially recognized AMP RTC Vendor.

High Yield Ad Formats

We support AMP-optimized innovative formats - such as sticky ads - that can deliver upto 70% higher eCPM than standard AMP ads.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our dashboard comes with comprehensive reporting and analytics suite, which is unified for both AMP and non-AMP ad tracking.

Header Bidding on AMP

30+ ad networks, even on AMP with the ability to refresh translates to high CPMs for your AMP inventory.

AdPushup’s AMP Ad Solution Increased Revenue of a Media Publisher by 202%

By setting up an RTC solution to enable header bidding, tapping into the demand pool of our partners, and optimizing ad placements using A/B layout testing, a media publisher experienced:

Higher average eCPM
More viewable impressions

Increased click-through rates


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AdPushup delivered a 50% ad revenue uplift for Pinkvilla

Pinkvilla specializes in Entertainment, Fashion, and Lifestyle articles founded in 2007. By operating in India and USA, Pinkvilla is one source for Bollywood news & gossip, Bollywood movies, Bollywood fashion, and TV news.

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