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    If submitting on behalf of a client, please select their company type.
  • This will be used to communicate the status of your awards entry. Please provide a company email address.
  • Please provide a secondary email address for this entry. If submitting on behalf of a client, please provide a direct contact at that company.
  • Awarding an individual at a publisher who is emerging as a leader in their organization and throughout the industry.
    I understand that AdPushup has final review of entries and that there is a possibility that finalists or a winner may not be chosen for each category. All entry materials submitted to AdPushup are confidential, outside of the jury panel, who sign an NDA before scoring anything.
    I confirm that the nominee I am submitting for consideration has no more than 3 years of experience (this is a total sum of working experience, not a total sum at their current company). Further, I understand that AdPushup reserves the right to remove any nominee with more than 3 years of experience from the running and is not required to issue any refunds.


Geetanjali Sharma

Lead- PR and Industry Relations

Shivam Tyagi

PR and Marketing Associate

AdPushup is a revenue optimization platform that helps publishers increase their ad revenue using automated A/B testing, header bidding, innovative ad formats, and adblock recovery. We are a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) and backed by Microsoft Ventures.

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