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In this episode of Publishing Out Loud, we bring you an all-embracing conversation with Susanne Sperling, the Chief Commercial Officer at Bold.dk.

Since 1999, Bold.dk has produced a wealth of news for football fans. With around 78M monthly page views, they write more than 27,000 articles every year. And Susanne has been acing this growth for over a decade now.

Here, Susanne shares her views and insights about the ever-changing dynamics of programmatic, metrics for digital growth, viewability-based CPMs, things that worked out for Bold.dk without cookies and so much more. She even sheds light on how knowing your audience better can result in contextual targeting and increased revenues.

Some key takeaways from this episode:

- Renew yourself - you’ll stay relevant only when constantly changing.
- Know how much time a user is spending on the page. 
- Create an environment where people want to work.

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Bold Over with Sussane Sperling