About the Episode

In this episode of Publishing Out Loud, we bring you a fun but comprehensive conversation with the ‘Product & Business Head’ of one of India’s more successful reader-funded initiatives, The Wire - Mr Mithun Kidambi.

In this ever-growing ‘News & Media’ industry, The Wire has taken its place as a trusted and authentic news portal on the internet. Its editorially and financially independent journalism has struck a chord with the masses, unlike any other platform thus far. 

Today, Mithun brings that same candor and transparency to discuss everything from factors shaping the future of news publications to how we are currently living through the transitions in social media.

Some key points to look out for:

Most impactful revenue strategies in the media industry.
Changes observed with the growing usage of AI in newsrooms and publications.
Why and how The Wire has sustained itself without implementing a paywall on its website.

And so much more!

The whole conversation is a deep dive into the past, present, and future of the media industry and its trends. You’ll definitely find some interesting points while listening in.

This episode of Publishing Out Loud is hosted by Lendele Angelina, Publisher Development Manager at AdPushup.

Happy listening! :)

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Changing Landscapes: Down to the wire with Mithun Kidambi