Header Bidding Analytics

Get actionable insights and granular details from header bidding auctions, to make critical decisions and improve outcomes.

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Header Bidding analytics

Key Publisher Challenges


Publishers send out bid requests and multiple bidders bid simultaneously on the auction page. This reduces page speed and affects user experience.

Lack of Transparency

Most header bidding offerings operate like black-box solutions. They do not let publishers access key analytical metrics required to assess and improve auctions.

Inefficiencies affecting revenues

The lack of awareness and effective analytical capabilities result in header bidding auctions continuing with existing inefficiencies. This leads to lower publisher revenue.

Leverage Advanced Analytics to Refine Auction Transparency and Outcomes

Access various bid-related metrics such as geographies, devices, response times, win percentages  and many more. With data-backed insights, you can now find greater assurance from your header bidding set-up.

Use these analytical details to analyze bidder performance and make key decisions to optimize auctions and resulting revenue.

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Header Bidding analytics

Product Capability

Average Response Time

Find out the average time taken by bidders to respond to a bid request, for the selected date ranges.

Bid-Rate Reports

Find out how often various bidders bid in the auctions.

Reports for Top Devices

Avail device-wise reports and determine the top-performing devices for the ads being served.

Average Winning eCPM Reports

Access average winning eCPMs per day for selected date ranges.

Overall Win-Rate Reports

Find out how often each participating bidder wins across auctions.

Bid Landscape

Access bid landscape charts with eCPMs buckets of 1 cent and 5 cents.

Reports for Top Countries

Avail country-wise reports to understand which all countries the bids are coming from.

Average eCPM Reports

Find out average bid eCPMs per day for the selected date ranges.

Header Bidding Win-Rate Reports

Find out the winning bid-rates for bidders participating in the header bidding auctions.

Demand Partner Performance Reports

Access reports that display splits within the performance of different Header Bidding partners.

Using Analytical Insights, Take Effective Actions with the Hyper Optimizer

Leverage granular details from auctions, to create rules and take bidder-specific actions with the Hyper Optimizer. With better managed bidders and eliminated efficiencies, optimize bid quality and resulting revenues.

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