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In this episode of Publishing Out Loud, we bring you an all-encompassing conversation with Saurabh Shukla, the Manager of Programmatic Sales and Digital Partnerships at Bayut, OLX, and Dubbizle. 

With the whole marketplace turning digital, these websites have risen to be some of Dubai’s top classified marketplaces. With around 5M monthly visitors, these platforms offer some of the best prices in properties, cars, and more.

Here, Saurabh shares his views and insights about the DART mission, transitioning from the news and media industry to classified, his previous startup, and so much more. He even sheds light on how advertising strategies and product experiences work in different sectors.

Some key takeaways from this episode:
- Targetting audiences of each industry using different ad formats gives/shows better results.
- Creating value for both users and advertisers on your platform is imperative.
- Contextual targeting can help you avoid using first-party data while advertising.
- Transparency between advertisers and publishers is essential for a smoother partnership.

This whole conversation is like a rollercoaster, with so much to unpack. I’m sure you’ll learn something new today and even find an interesting new show to watch.

This episode of Publishing Out Loud is hosted by Lendele Angelina, Publisher Development Manager at AdPushup.

Have a great time listening :)

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