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- Eliminate auction inefficiencies
- Improve your revenue

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Key Publisher Challenges


There are instances when excessive bidders bid on auction pages. This reduces page speed and affects user experience.

Lack of Transparency

Several black-box solutions display only a top layer of information without detailing out the critical data within auctions.


Existing inefficiencies in header bidding set-ups and growing count of bidding partners, eventually lead to low ad revenues.

Experience Efficient Auctions and Better Monetization

The Hyper Optimizer is a tool to help you achieve beneficial auctions. You can create simple rules and take bidder-specific actions. Such management of bidders optimizes header bidding auctions and helps to improve revenues.

You can establish optimal operating conditions based on the right knowledge of your header bidding set-up, and enjoy greater overall control.

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hyper optimizer

Product Capability

Prioritizing Bidders

You can send requests to high-value bidders, allowing them more time, to receive desirable bids.

Changing Refresh Timeout

You can alter refresh timeouts, allowing more time for bidders to garner higher bids, without any disruption to user experience.

Selecting Bidders

You can select bidders on the basis of geographies, time, and devices, instead of running all bidders in all auctions.

Switching Between Server-Side & Client-Side Bidding

You can effectively leverage client-side bidding overcoming server-side bidding challenges, to achieve better page performance, and revenue.

Changing Initial Timeouts

High timeouts slow down ad delivery. Leveraging response time analytics of different segments, you can reduce timeouts.

Concluding Auctions

You can conclude auctions, even before the defined timeouts, if top bidders have returned bids.

Leverage Advanced Reporting with Header Bidding Analytics

Access granular, real-time auction data with header bidding analytics. Use this information and take informed bidder-specific decisions, to refine auctions and improve revenue.

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