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In this podcast, we bring an insightful conversation with Nandini Shenoy, founder, and CEO at Pinkvilla, an entertainment industry publisher specializing in content related to Bollywood celebrities and their lives.

The conversation was hosted by Dikshant Joshi, Director of Publisher Development at AdPushup, and focused on some key ideas that are highly relevant for publishers today. 

Pinkvilla has an unparalleled digital reach of over 29.82 million unique users over its web, mobile, and app platforms on a monthly basis. Nandini shares the secret sauce for building a successful website from scratch.

Important takeaways for publishers include growth strategies employed at Pinkvilla, experimentation with video content, revenue models that Pinkvilla relies upon and whether or not they used a diversified revenue generation model, and most importantly, how Nandini single-handedly built an organization on her own. 

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The Power of Niche with Nandini Shenoy