About the Show

This podcast is all about an insightful conversation with Nazim Nizam, head of ad revenue at IAAI, an NYSE-listed multi-billion-dollar eCommerce firm, in the automotive segment

The conversation was hosted by Dikshant Joshi and focused on IAAI’s growth story and certain key ideas that are highly relevant for publishers today.

With buyers from over 135 countries and mammoth global traffic on their platform, the team at IAAI realized that their website is a great digital asset which when optimized appropriately, can deliver beneficial results. Beginning ad monetization with AdSense , the team worked on growth strategies and relevant ad tech partnerships, and achieved significant financial success, in addition to their primary business model.

Some of the key takeaways for publishers include, focus on business growth, ad tech tools & partnership decisions, user experience on digital platforms, value-based decision-making involving senior leadership, and most importantly useful insights directly from IAAI’s journey for publishers who believe in the potential that ad monetization offers.

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