AdOps Associate

AdPushup is an award-winning ad revenue optimization platform and Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP), helping hundreds of web publishers grow their revenue using cutting-edge technology, premium demand partnerships, and proven ad ops expertise. Our team is a mix of engineers, marketers, product evangelists, and customer success specialists, united by a common goal of helping publishers succeed. We have a work culture that values expertise, ownership, and a collaborative spirit.

As an Ad Ops Associate for AdPushup, you are the strongest customer advocate in this organization. Your role will primarily involve account optimization & management and customer support. You will create a knowledge base and design a system to ensure fulfilment of customers’ requirements, the fastest way possible.

Your Day-to-Day Tasks Include:

  1. Helping users get acquainted with our product and optimizing their ad layouts and use other services.
  2. Managing DFP, Header Bidding, Individual tag based partners to set up ad optimization and constantly test and review results with the objective of increasing yield.
  3. Resolving Customer Queries ASAP with a pinch of awesomeness.
  4. Building a KB and Canned Responses for common queries.
  5. Co-od with internal teams to resolve their issues.
  6. Helping users understand the tool/product better.
  7. Ensuring users are able to use AdPushup optimally and optimizing their ad layouts, demand, and ultimately yield.

You Should Have:

  1. An understanding of analytics, ad networks (AdSense, AdX and DFP) and A/B testing; customer support and SaaS.
  2. An understanding of the basics of HTML, JS and Ad Operations.
  3. Smartness and ability to get things done.
  4. A consistently curious and inquisitive mind.
  5. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  6. Data-driven mentality (Experiment and Optimize!)
  7. Willingness to work as a team.

Why Should You Work for AdPushup?

At AdPushup, we have:

  1. A culture of valuing our employees and promoting an autonomous, transparent, and ethical work environment.
  2. Talented and supportive peers who value your contributions.
  3. Challenging opportunities: Learning happens outside the comfort-zone and that’s where our team likes to be – always pushing the boundaries and growing both personally and professionally.
  4. We believe in tangible work done & actual performance, instead of measuring conventional benchmarks such as work-hours, clock-in/clock-out, etc.
  5. Transparency: an open, honest and direct communication with co-workers and business associates.