The odds stacked against digital publishing and media businesses get a little taller each year. In the last few years, the ad tech community has tackled issues like ad blocking, ad fraud, low viewability, new privacy compliance, and more recently, the loss of third-party cookies and CPM decay caused by COVID-19.

However, in spite of the odds, this industry is full of entrepreneurs, leaders, and visionaries who rise up to the challenge and continue to innovate and grow, while promoting a healthy ad ecosystem, and connecting users to brands using the power of media.

Earlier this year, we started putting together a list of the movers-and-shakers in the industry (as our idea of fun). Over time, the list grew, and the idea evolved into something bigger.

Our methodology for creating the list was subjective but rigorous, we started pinning names on a board; different members across teams made their case for why someone should be on the list, we argued, bickered, and finally, after three months, the list was finalized.

Here are some of the factors we considered while deciding who gets to be on the list:

  • How pivotal the person’s role is
  • Their overall contribution to the media industry
  • The scope and depth of their experience

Our first annual list of Global Publishing Leaders recognizes stalwarts of media and tech industry. Some of them run their own publications, others lead ad operations teams of established media brands, but they all have one thing in common—their commitment to solving complex problems, prioritizing users, and moving the media industry forward.