AdSense Calculator: Estimate Your Potential Earnings in (2023)

Use this AdPushup AdSense Revenue Calculator to find out how much you can earn with AdSense and Header Bidding. All you need is traffic numbers, CTR, and CPC.

*The result is estimated based on provided data

Average CTR / CPC by Industry

Consumer services0.20%$0.81
Dating & personals0.52%$1.49
Employment services0.14%$0.78
Finance & insurance0.33%$0.86
Health & medical0.31%$0.63
Home goods0.37%$0.60
Industrial services0.35%$0.54
Real estate0.24%$0.75
Travel & hospitality0.47%$0.44

Data source:

Average CTR / CPC by Country

United States0.75%$0.61
United Kingdom1.06%$0.48
New Zealand1.21%$0.33
South Africa1.13%$0.26
United Arab Emirates 1.37%$0.15

Data source:


Calculating Google AdSense revenue can be tricky for some publishers. Questions often get asked are:

  • How would you estimate revenue generated through the AdSense calculator?
  • Is your AdSense estimation convincing?
  • Can you make AdSense calculations quickly?
  • Are your business partners or clients able to understand you when you make AdSense revenue calculations?

The AdSense calculator provides daily, monthly, and yearly revenue details through your website. This Adsense calculator depends on a lot of factors such as geography, audience, demographics, device, niche, ad layout, seasonality, etc. As a result, it can be challenging to predict the exact amount you will earn with AdSense. 

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However, you can use this AdSense revenue calculator to arrive at a ballpark estimate if you know your traffic numbers, clickthrough rates (CTRs), and cost per click (CPC).

 The average CTR rate for display advertising is estimated to be about 0.10%. To calculate the average cost-per-click (CPC), divide the total cost of clicks by the amount of money earned from AdSense. 

Below, we have also provided detailed explanations of what these metrics mean, along with industry- and country-wise averages for them if you don’t have the numbers handy.

Looking to Improve Your AdSense Revenue?

AdPushup helps hundreds of AdSense publishers grow their ad revenues using automated A/B testing to optimize ad layouts and set up automatic in-content ads. With the AdSense revenue calculator, we help you get an estimate of your potential earnings.

If you’re willing to experiment beyond AdSense, we can also connect you to 30+ demand partners, including Rubicon, OpenX, Index Exchange,, and District m, using our header bidding wrapper.

In addition, we can also help set up other revenue optimization technologies such as ad refresh, lazy loading ads, Adblock monetization, ad mediation, and high-performance ad formats such as sticky and docked ads.

On average, publishers who work with us witness a 40% growth in their ad revenue. If you’re interested, sign up for a demo here, and we’ll be in touch.

Adsense revenue calculator estimates
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In addition, over 300+ premium websites use our cutting-edge ad-serving technology, ad operations expertise, and dedicated account managers to maximize their ad revenue. 

For example: 

  • TechApple: 77.4% Uplift in ActiveView Impressions
  • SummitPost: 150% Uplift in Page CTR
  • CCNA7: 534% Ad Revenue Uplift
  • PinkVilla: 50% Revenue Uplift

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What Metrics are Used in AdSense Revenue Calculator?

1. Daily page impressions: The average traffic your website receives in a single day. It’s best to calculate the number based on data from over a long period—such as the last quarter or last year. This way, any sudden spikes or declines in traffic will average out during calculation.

2. Clickthrough Rate (CTR): Clickthrough rate is the number of times your ads are clicked per 100 served impressions. One of the most direct ways to grow ad revenue is to increase your CTR. CTRs typically lie between the range of 0.14% to 0.84%, with 0.35% being the average.

3. Average Cost Per Click (CPC): The average revenue generated by a single click. To calculate this number, divide your total revenue generated in a given period by the total number of clicks in that period. CPC depends on many factors, with the industry average being 0.75%.

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How to Calculate Revenue Using AdSense Calculator?

If you are looking for an answer, “How does AdSense revenue calculator work?” then this is the answer:

  • Take the revenue you want to earn, then divide this by the average cost per click. It will show you the number of clicks you need to get your desired revenue.
  • The next step is to calculate the number of page views you need. Divide the number of clicks by the average clickthrough rate and the percentage of people.
  • Finally, to get the total number of visitors you need, divide that number by the number of pages or sessions you need.

How Much Revenue Your Website will Generate with Google AdSense?

Your AdSense earnings depend on how much effort you put into it. You can make more money with a better site layout, more clicks than impressions, optimizing the placement of ads, and utilizing the proper keyword to draw visitors into your content.

Based on the Adsense revenue calculator, you'd need around 1 lakh visitors a month to earn a minimum of $1,000 a month in most business niches.

For example, to earn a revenue of $100,000 per year with Adsense, you'd need minimum traffic of 100,000 visitors a day on the website or likely much more. However, it is difficult to get a precise estimate of your earnings with an AdSense calculator.

But, this AdSense calculator is still useful to get a fair idea of how much your website can or should be earning with AdSense.

Who Should Use Adsense Calculator? 

This AdSense revenue calculator is for website owners, bloggers, and anyone who is looking to improve the monetization potential of their websites. It is also a great option for startups that have low levels of traffic on their website. AdSense calculator is easy to set up on your website and select the spaces you want ads to appear in. 

However, Google AdSense rejects many sites for not having enough or appropriate content for advertisers. Here are the top alternative ad networks that you can use instead of Google AdSense.

In other words, your website must have original ad content that is contextual and isn’t violent, hateful, or adult-oriented in any way. Otherwise, most websites can’t qualify for the AdSense revenue program, even if their site is brand new.

Tips for Monetizing With Adsense Revenue Calculator 

Monetizing with AdSense requires you to follow the rules. If you have a new website or an existing account, here’s what you should do when monetizing your site with AdSense: 

  • AdSense benchmarking is a way of comparing your website's earning potential to your competitors’.
  • Follow Google Publisher rules, AdSense program policies, and webmaster policies.
  • Providing valuable content to your target audience content that they want to read on the ads.
  • Optimize ads for SEO to attract organic traffic.
  • Ensure your website is responsive.
  • Optimize the ad layout and format. 
  • Add the right ad types and placement to your logo.
  • Use native and in-content ads for a higher chance of being clicked on.
  • Analyze and check ad performance and results and change your strategy accordingly.
  • Add the AdSense calculator to the best position on the website for the best CTR.
  • Make A/B testing of different ad types, ad formats, and ad colours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is an Adsense revenue calculator?

AdSense revenue calculator to help publishers quickly estimate their earning potential with AdSense if they know their traffic numbers, clickthrough rates (CTRs), and cost per click (CPC).

2. What are the metrics used in AdSense Revenue Calculator?

Daily page impressions
Clickthrough Rate (CTR)
Average Cost Per Click (CPC)

3. How is Adsense revenue calculated?

Adsense revenue is as click-through rate X cost per click X number of impressions/100.

4. How to determine a drop in your AdSense revenue?

Adsense revenue can fluctuate from time to time; focus on factors that can influence your revenue, such as:
Loss of traffic on the website 
Wrong ad placement
Website performance issue
It’s essential to find solutions for any drops in revenue through the Adsense calculator. 

5. How to improve your Adsense revenue?

Some of the ways that you can use to improve your revenue through Adsense Calculator are:
By using responsive ads
Ad Size - 728 x 90 px, 336 x 280 px, 300 x 250 px, 160 x 600 px
Ad Placement
The high-paying website niche
Experimenting with ad layout, size, and type