After kicking off the year with a successful event in Barcelona, AdPushup returned to the front with another exclusive meet up planned for our publishing community in Asia Pacific.

Publishers from the respective region got together for our second event of the year and during a series of discussions, they shed light on various important topics ranging from Content Traffic to Monetisation.

The event hosted 20+ leading publishers from different countries, some of the leading names were as follows:

  • Lui Wei Loong, Founder, SethLui
  • Vahe,SODP
  • Savita Gupta, Senior Manager of Programmatic and Sales, Times Internet
  • Tausif Akram,CEO, Content Arcade
  • Veerendra Shivhare,Co-Founder and CEO, IncNut
  • Mohit Mathur, WhiskAffairs
  • Aditya Singh, Founder, Tech Cult
  • Oh Wee Jun,Editor in chief/Owner, Make Tech Easier
  • Kumaran M. Pillai, Founder , The Independent Singapore 
  • Monette Robles de Leon,Head of Programmatic Sales, Summit Media
  • Nilesh Yadav, Founder, Cyber Panthers
  • Jignesh padhiya,Co- Founder, iGeeksBlog
  • Vijendran,Founder and CEO, LowYat
  • Jatin, Director and Head of Brand Partnership, viaENS
  • Umesh Sharma,Head of Programmatic, SportsKeeda
  • Kanav, Founder, FoodXP
  • Chinh Ha  Dang, Founder, Check4D

The Open Forum, Publisher’s Perspective was led by Shashank Mudgal, Manager, Publisher Development, AdPushup which discussed the ever dynamic trends of the industry in the region and what experiences the publishers had lived through in recent times.

 While talking about the industry and the trends which would follow in the upcoming quarter, Veerendra Shivhare, Founder, IncNut said:

“Usually what we experience is that the first month of the quarter is a bit slow, but after April there is a gradual increase and overall Q2 is definitely better than Q1.”

The open forum also revolved around the topic of price floor engines and their usage by publishers, Veerendra Shivhare, Founder, IncNut addressed the same by saying:

“ I have noticed that Publishers do not really utilize Price Floor to its full capability, however if it is fully utilized then publishers could notice a rise in direct deals as well.”

To add to this discussion, Savita Gupta, Ad ops, Times Internet said:

“ it is also important to customize the same according to different traffic and ad formats, specially for the high paying ones”.

Dikshant Joshi, Director of Publisher Development shared his insights on the same by adding:

“ While customization is important, Optimization is required to making the most out of your fill rates, AdPushup does the same through FloorSense, which is an AI driven Price floor engine and yields positive results.”

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Panel Discussion- Publishing Playbook

The Panel Discussion mainly focused on the Publishing Playbook, revolving around major principles such as Content, Traffic, Engagement and Monetisation.

Dikshant Joshi, Director of Publisher Development, AdPushup led the discussion along with Vahe Arabian, Founder, SODP and Savita Gupta, Senior Manager of Programmatic and Sales, Times Internet.

While talking about the first aspect of the discussion,Content, Vahe Arabian added:

 “Content should always be informational first, followed by promotional and in the end tactical to have a healthy velocity.”

As in the current world AI has taken a front seat in many functions, our speakers also tackled question regarding the same from a publisher standpoint, and whether such AI platforms were of use to them, Savita Gupta added:

“Platforms like ChatGPT can probably be used for Video creatives at the moment.”

When being asked about whether personalisation in articles would help from a SEO standpoint, Vahe Arabaian said-

“No, personalisation of articles would not yield to any positive results from an SEO perspective Google won’t be able to correlate the different personalized articles.”

 In addition he stated that “The Google algorithm wants you to focus on clustering of topics and vast coverage of specific topics”.

“While ChatGPT does not give you any links to redirect traffic on the content site, BingChat could be an alternative as it is giving you all the same advantages as the former with site references, hence ChatGPT could sabotage content of other websites while BingChat might help” said Dikshant Joshi, to end the topic.

Fireside Chat- How to Build a Successful Content based Business 

The Fireside chat for the event was led by Abhinav Choudhri, Director of customer Success at AdPushup which included a 1v1 conversation with Veerendra Shivhare, Founder, IncNut, a Media and Commerce company aimed at making life easier for women belonging to different age groups in the society. 

While being asked about which principles led to the rise of his organization, Veerendra said “Serving your audience has to be your first principle, this is what worked for us at least. It is important to for people to focus on the target audience and create different kinds of content for the same”

As the topic soon shifted towards identifying the right kind of talent for his organization and more importantly how to retain the right kind of  talent, he further added 

“ While my first venture was with my friends, I probably did not have to focus on that aspect a lot, and in the second one I focused mainly on the idea however now I value emotional bonds over anything, it is important to have chemistry with the people you work with to make sure they are ready to fill in the gaps when needed.”

To conclude the fireside chat, Veerendra ended up putting more emphasis on his current work mantra “My Mantra has always been to experiment and scale. Doing analysis where the experiment fails and experimenting again.

Whenever we see an opportunity to increase our page visibility, we make the most of it by using the right techniques and revamping our previous content to cater to new audiences and increase visibility” he shared.

The AdPushup First Fold events aim towards bringing various leaders of the publishing community together, as we believe nothing comes close to a physical community building activity to make sure people can discuss their ideas and vision for the industry.


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