Header bidding has picked up steam over the years. As per eMarketer, 72.9% of the 1000 most popular sites used header bidding in March 2019. Publishers globally enjoy the benefits of header bidding as it allows them to expand reach and offer the inventories to several demand partners, resulting in greater chances of garnering higher revenue and CPMs. 

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Over the years, AdPushup has not only improved publishers’ demand and revenue with its header bidding capabilities, but has also felt publishers’ agony around inefficiencies associated with the Header Bidding ad delivery process, which inadvertently lead to lower demand and revenue. But no more! We have a solution!

Enter, the Hyper Optimizer!

Offering key features to monitor and control bidder behaviour and enhance bid quality, the Hyper Optimizer is set to transform the auction experience. Let’s dive right into it!

What is the Hyper Optimizer?

The Hyper Optimizer enhances the header bidding process with greater efficiency, eventually improving the auction outcomes for publishers.

Header Bidding Inefficiencies

Header Bidding traditionally has seen inefficiencies around slower auctions and resource-heaviness (they take up more browser resources). Slower auctions lead to slower ad delivery and resource intensiveness slows down the page, eventually leading to lesser returns and a poor experience for the publisher.  

The optimization of the header bidding process through the Hyper Optimizer will allow publishers to have greater control and transparency, ensuring that the right kind of value is derived out of the bidding process. Selection and prioritization of relevant bidders and auction conclusion with the entry of valuable bids are some of the key use cases which publishers will benefit from.

What Does the Hyper Optimizer Do?!

hyper optimizer adpushup console

The Hyper Optimizer is easy to implement and has a simple interface. It can easily be accessed from Header Bidding > Optimization tab on the AdPushup console. The rules that have been configured within it get automatically enabled in the AdPushup script and have a direct positive impact on the header bidding auction. Using these rules, publishers can take the following actions:

  • Selecting the bidders
  • Prioritizing the requests sent to bidders
  • Switching between server-side bidding and client-side bidding
  • Changing the initial timeout
  • Changing the refresh timeout
  • Concluding the auction if top bidders return a result

One must note that for the above actions to run, all conditions governed by the following triggers need to be met:

  • Ad unit match
  • User Location
  • Device type
  • Device of the user
  • Time and day of the week

Benefits of the Hyper Optimizer

  • Higher revenue – You can create rules for governing actions using granular triggers for re-configuring your Header Bidding setup and increasing revenue with the Hyper Optimizer.
  • Faster page performance / Improved Lighthouse score – To ensure participation and contributions from relevant bidders, you can reduce timeouts, run bidders selectively, run server-to-server bidding only when necessary, and disable header bidding as appropriate.
  • Catering to bidder-specific requests – You can now run select bidders in the specified and targeted countries, or on the selected units streamlining the auction and improving the experience and bid results.
  • Greater control – Along with the right knowledge of the optimal operating conditions for your Header Bidding setup, you can now take appropriate actions by creating appropriate rules, governed by specific granular triggers.
  • Transparency – You can now get complete insight into the Header Bidding optimization set-up with easy-to-understand rules through the Hyper Optimizer, unlike several other black-box solution offerings.

Identifying the challenges associated with Header Bidding and coming up with a feature like the Hyper Optimizer demonstrates AdPushup’s futuristic vision and its ability to stay ahead of competition, assuring publishers of the trust they have placed in AdPushup as their revenue optimization partner. 

Final Thoughts

Header Bidding is here to stay. But it is equally important to understand the hassles involved in the nitty-gritties of the process disrupting the publishers experience. A feature like the Hyper Optimizer offers greater control to publishers, helping them find higher transparency and improved performance, which eventually prevents revenue losses and delivers an enhanced auction experience.


Shubham is a digital marketer with rich experience working in the advertisement technology industry. He has vast experience in the programmatic industry, driving business strategy and scaling functions including but not limited to growth and marketing, Operations, process optimization, and Sales.

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