Let’s face it: Ads are an interruption. In fact, they always have been. Advertising executives have tried their best to hide that fact by making advertisements funny, amusing, and occasionally even downright controversial. However, the audience has caught on too. In display ads, this is proven by the existence of banner blindness. Native ad networks may be the solution to this.

The basic philosophy of native advertising revolves around making ads appear less like ads. For instance, while browsing through the food section of BuzzFeed, you may come across a story titled “The Evolution of Pizza”, which has been sponsored by Pizza Hut.

In 2018, native ad spending amounted to 35.24 billion U.S. dollars, and the figure reached $52.75 billion by the end of 2020.

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In 2022, native display ad spending is about to cross $87.6 billion, and this spending is majorly toward mobile devices and social media platforms. By the year 2023, native social display advertising is forecasted to grow by 13.9%.

Before diving into our topic here today, let’s see what Native ads can offer to an online publisher, and should you choose it? 

Why Is Native a Good Choice for Publishers?

Online advertising often comes off as annoying and intrusive to users. Native ads take care of the problem by being so unintrusive and adaptable to the user that they are more at comfort interacting with these ads.

They connect to the audience, presenting themselves in a format of the user’s choosing, thus adding to their non-intrusive nature. It opens up space for creativity and provides unique content that the audience finds more appealing than a traditional ad, thus driving up the publisher’s eCPMs.

Native ads take a soft interactive approach to their audience and have an automatic higher foundation of trust among their audience, making it safe for publishers than introducing other aggressive marketing alternatives. Thus, this results in a larger loyal user base who are at a lesser risk of unsubscribing and backing out.

Native advertising mostly leaves the control over to the publishers, who can manage the content that is being displayed over their application. This isn’t the scenario with most traditional ad formats, which lets the advertiser take control and how they interact with your audience.

Top 8 Native Ad Networks for by Publishers

In a highly competitive landscape, here are the top 8 native ad networks you can trust:

MGID Global Native Advertising Platform

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MGID has been on its journey for over a decade now, and today it has a strong worldwide reach, with its top audience being from US, India, and Vietnam. Thus, as a publisher, you won’t have trouble bringing in advertisers.

Moreover, this network lets you take complete control of the audience interaction. Thus you don’t have to worry about retaining your users and can count your revenue that directly streams from your advertisers.

With their creative solutions and robust analytics to help with your monetizing strategies, MGID is vouched for the world’s leading publishers, whether it’s Opera, the Bank of America itself, or Dominoes.

Features & Benefits

  • With access to over 850 million monthly users, MGID’s platform seamlessly distributes your message to the right user at the right time.
  • Innovative Ad Formats
  • Automatic & Manual Optimization
  • Push Retention
  • Internal Recirculation
  • Instant Article/AMP Compatible
  • Integration Types: OpenRTB, API/Json, JS/iframe


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Want your hands on the world’s leading DSPs? Outbrain is the way to go. Used by leading publisher names such as the BBC or The Guardian, Outbrain is a network for big dreamers.

The platform offers a greatly flexible and well-tailored user experience which lets you, publishers, optimize the user experience carefully according to your business goals. It offers a large range of Smartad formats which lets you keep your users engaged and on their toes, driving up higher click-through rates.

Publishers get paid proportionate to the traffic that they’re able to divert to the advertiser’s website. Outbrain employs behavioural targeting to increase user engagement and provides recommendations for several media types, including online, video, and mobile.

Features & Benefits

  • Outbrain analyse your headline and image to attract the eye of the reader. 
  • You can promote videos, articles and infographics, among other types of media content.
  • Outbrain Amplify helps you to optimize your content by featuring it on the top media websites.
  • Outbrain can help your content to gain more visibility, deeply engage your customers and attract new targets.
  • Analytics dashboard, A/B Testing, and recommendations on what to do next.


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Learn what’s new in the world of web content and better your monetizing strategies with Taboola. With a billion users, Taboola is the home for leading publishers such as Business Insider, USA Today, and Fox.

Taboola offers fresh and exciting ways for publishers to bring in revenue, grow their audience, and scale in profits. This network offers advanced opportunities for monetization, for publishers, and also highly receptive, fresh faces in the audience to drive up your CPMs.

With robust analytics, optimal audience, and revenue acquisition personalizing the user experience, there are plenty of reasons why Taboola is prioritized by digital properties all across the world. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Taboola power personalized content recommendations and in-feed native ads across popular publisher websites.
  • Meet your marketing objectives – build awareness, generate high-value leads and encourage customers to take action online.
  • Create unique and relevant ad experiences using Taboola’s user behaviour data and flexible, creative formats.
  • Find and engage over one billion relevant users across premium publishers at a massive scale on the world-leading native ad platform.


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Revcontent brings in a diverse crowd from all around the world, promising around 150mm -500mm impressions every day. Partnering with top publishers like Forbes and LA Times, this network offers around 250 billion fresh and innovative content recommendations, which publishers can leverage. 

As a publisher who promotes quality, you’ll be greatly benefitted joining the Revcontent journey. Although it doesn’t welcome all its applicants, once you do get into Revcontent, you can enjoy some of the highest eCPM you’ve had, which is supported through multiple channels.

Its transparency and accuracy are also something to enjoy, but Revcontent is the perfect option only for advanced publishers. 

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight, so your site loads faster, and you earn more revenue.
  • Happier readers, thanks to non-interruptive ad formats.
  • Flexible contracts because we want you to be here, not force you to be here.
  • ROI-boosting, converting clicks into customers with affordable native advertising options.


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The European connoisseur of native advertising, Adyoulike welcomes over 50 billion impressions every month. Operating worldwide, Adyoulike brings to your plate accessibility to over 50 DSPs, great alternatives to monetization, and limitless integration.

This network helps you reach your business goals through advertising and supporting your story. Once you join the Adyoulike experience, you don’t go back, and their network of publishers who have been there for around 5 years now can vouch for the same.

Maximum value per impression, extreme transparency, and real-time statistics, there are many reasons why Adyoulike today is the large loyal network that it is. 

Features & Benefits

  • Component-based native video ads that match the layout & design of every site for maximum engagement.
  • Use the AYL Clipr platform to replicate and amplify your Social posts
    on the Open Web.
  • Create your component-based ad that brings an infinite range of customization and supplier engagement.
  • Access inventory from worldwide known publishers and specific themed websites.
  • Programmatic or SaaS platform.
  • Reach the right audience with precise criteria such as IAB categories, devices, data profiles and more. 
  • Auto-templating technologies fit your campaigns into seamlessly integrated placements, matching the look and feel of any website and device.
  • Interactive Creative 2.0 formats will enhance your campaigns’ visibility, respect your users’ online experience with clear labelling and zero intrusion, and engage them through clever design and call-to-action.

Yahoo Gemini

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One of the top native ad networks housed in the USA, Yahoo Gemini is cherished by publishers all across for its flexibility and utilities. It offers a large array of options in native ad formats, helping keep your audience refreshed and highly engaged.

Gemini also brings before you a great range of optimal targeting options so that you can reach out to the right, receptive audience. Optimize your campaigns and get closer to your business goals with Gemini.

Features & Benefits 

  • Insightful data, brand-safe premium content, and advanced technologies to deliver engaging advertising campaigns.
  • Choose from a variety of ad formats to help you get your message across in a non-intrusive way.
  • Choose from a variety of engaging extras, from interactive elements like Augmented Reality, carousel, and click-to-expand, to commerce-driven features like Mobile wallets and coupon downloads.
  • With Yahoo’s array of DOOH options, you’ll reach consumers at scale and on the go.


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Content recommendation systems are great and serve as a smart way for publishers to supplement revenues generated by traditional display advertising networks such as AdSense, but thankfully the native advertising ecosystem is much more diverse.

Forward your story with one of the most advanced technology-equipped networks in the world of native ads – Nativo. It brings before you next-generation ad formats and an overall comprehensive publisher experience to bring in higher revenues than ever.

Nativo offers exclusive publisher advantages like not redirecting the audience elsewhere upon clicking, high monetizing rates, contextual and engaging ads, real-time reporting, highly engaging and quality inventory, and so on.

Features & Benefits

  • A turn-key enterprise ad platform to a robust suite of APIs that can jump-start your ad platform build.
  • With Nativo, Hearst improved campaign delivery, efficiency, and ultimately, sales – resulting in a 6x return on investment.
  • Contextual targeting to help usher in a better era of digital advertising.
  • Creative Workflow Management.
  • Content Builder.
  • Easy-to-use campaign and creative management tools.
  • Enterprise-Level Security.


Unleash the power of programmatic ads through Paved’s Ad Network. Brands can precisely target their coveted customer profiles across an expansive array of newsletters with a single impactful ad.

Paved revolutionizes the advertising landscape for Dropbox, Bright Cellars, and HubSpot, facilitating effortless execution of email sponsorships on autopilot. Unlike conventional placements within social media feeds or web search results, Paved’s native ads command attention within the very heart of email inboxes.

Features & Benefits

  • Craft your audience with precision, tapping into parameters such as job titles, B2B/DTC companies, demographics, and more.
  • Embark on CPC sponsorships free from concealed charges or binding subscriptions.
  • Showcase your brand across a spectrum of premier email newsletters including Newser, MSNBC Daily, and Flipboard.
  • Effortlessly conduct A/B tests and seamlessly expand the reach of your ads.
  • Experience the seamless fusion of technology and strategy, as Paved’s Ad Network propels your brand’s narrative into the receptive inboxes of a vast, engaged audience, all with the ease of a few clicks.

What Should You Consider While Choosing a Native Ad Network?

In the quest for the perfect advertising platform, it’s imperative to meticulously assess a multitude of factors. These crucial considerations encompass your website traffic, the content you intend to deliver, and the very essence of the network you aspire to be a part of. By carefully scrutinizing and integrating these elements, you’re not just selecting an ad platform – you’re crafting a strategic gateway to amplify your brand’s impact and success.

Ease of Setup

Setting the stage for success begins with a meticulous evaluation of the ad network’s setup procedure. It’s paramount to align this process with your specific needs. Take, for instance, networks such as Media.net, which necessitate a manual setup for each website.

The challenge here lies in securing individual approvals from the network for every website, resulting in an arduous and time-intensive ordeal for advertisers. Streamlining this process ensures a seamless journey toward unleashing your advertising endeavors without being weighed down by unnecessary complexities.

Pricing Model

Advertisers also need to make sure that per click pricing is adequate according to your marketing budget. There can be different pricing models including CPC and CPM. However, not all networks offer all of the pricing options. For instance, Outbrain doesn’t have support for the CPC model.

Quality of Ad

Although advertising networks can acquire ads to meet your native ad impressions, you need to keep in mind that ad quality can vary quite a bit. There are fraudulent advertisers who use these networks for purposes of traffic arbitraging which could take your visitors to fake landing pages. That’s why it is important that you review the quality of ads being served.

Ad Network Requirements

Review your stats and numbers before you make a final decision about choosing an ad network. Ensure that you have enough traffic, budget, and access to features you need before signing up for a big name ad platform.

Final Words

These top native ad networks are duly tested for success, and for publishers looking for exciting monetization strategies, these platforms aren’t built to disappoint. Each of them is equipped with features and advantages, which are to exclusively help and benefit publishers so that the only you can go on from here is up and ahead, closer to your business goals! 


What Businesses Use Native Advertising?

Leading global business names, ranging from Netflix, BuzzFeed, The Washingtons Post, and Playbuzz to Red Bull and more, have altered the world of sponsored content with their Native advertising.

What are The Best Paying Native Ad Networks?

Outbrain, MGID, Revcontent, Taboola, Nativo, YahooGemini, and AdYouLike are some of the popular and highest-grossing Native Ad Networks.

What is Native Advertising?

Native ads are an Avante-Garde twist to online advertising, where the ads are made to blend in perfectly with the specific page, to make sure it’s non-intrusive yet appealing to the audience.

What is Better Banner or Native Ads?

Online surveys account that Native Ads tend to perform 8 times better than banner ads, with over 54% of the crowd inclined towards the former.


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