eCPM is a metric that reflects publishers’ ad monetization performance. It stands for ‘effective cost per thousand impressions. In other words, this is the average price you get for 1000 ad impressions/views.

The value of your inventory is constantly changing because of various parameters – geography of the traffic, ad formats you use, time of the day, OS, number of unique users, seasonality, etc. Seasonality refers to events that happen regularly over a period and indicate a trend.

Why Should Publishers Work Hard on Seasonality?

The eCPM patterns can give you valuable insights into the performance of your ads and your website. For example, if you know when a rise or fall typically occurs, it’ll be easier to spot whether a fluctuation is due to seasonality or a different problem. There’s another benefit, too. If you know your seasonal trends, you’ll be able to prepare for any CPM dips and mitigate the effect on your revenue.

When you know the patterns of your eCPM then it won’t be hard for you to figure out whether the fluctuations are occurring due to seasonal changes or due to an internal fault with your site. Knowing the cause will save you a lot of time.

Quick Tips for Publishers to Check eCPM Seasonality

Having the right technology suite is critical to your revenue success. For example, the Header Bidding help maximizes competition and fill. Similarly, the custom wrapper features are responsible for the smart refresh, and lazy loading. And the most important one is the real-time data that allows for real-time, and ongoing optimizations.

To optimize ad viewability and eCPM rate, using GAM Analytics help optimize viewability, and prioritize ad sizes with the highest demand. Performing a site audit, updating ads.txt, optimizing your ads for mobile, and assessing the page layout is also important to improve the eCPM rate.

Try to maximize data-driven revenue with machine learning and artificial intelligence that helps to transform data into monetizable insights for open web publishing and advertising.

Lastly, working with an experienced AdOps or Ad Revenue partner can be profitable for your business. Hence, optimizing ad revenues and staying on top of seasonal trends need expert advice to manage your ads. AdPushup helps optimize your ads no matter the season and helps you to maximize ad revenue! Set up a Demo at AdPushup today!

FAQ on eCPM Seasonality

How to Optimize eCPM Considering Seasonality?

Target the right audience.
Improve ad’s relevancy.
Perform A/B testing of your ads.
Work on your bid type.
Add engaging features to your ad.
Measure and control the monthly, quarterly, and yearly budget you invest on your ad spend.

What is a Good eCPM Rate?

eCPMs rate depends on a lot of factors such as the ad location, traffic geography, seasonality, site speed, and more. Generally, eCPMs that range between $4 – $10 or
9 -10% are considered good.


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