Are you familiar with programmatic buying platforms? If you answered “Yes,” then you have just started reading the right blog post. Thirty and a half percent of advertisers, according to the latest State of the Digital Market Survey from ROI Revolution, want to raise or keep their programmatic advertising spending the same.

Ad expenditure is expected to reach a whopping $271 billion by 2025, and figures show that programmatic buying is on the increase.

It’s easy to see what’s causing this expansion. 

Publisher and advertiser ad buying/selling problems are solved by programmatic ad systems. By auctioning ad space to several advertisers throughout the globe, these platforms help publishers maximize their advertising profits. Meanwhile, advertisers can reach a wider audience and use the collected data by programmatic buying platforms to tailor their messages more effectively. 

Now without further ado, let’s get to the heart of the matter. But first, let’s quickly understand what exactly programmatic buying is.

What is Programmatic Buying?

Programmatic advertising involves the automated utilization of technology for purchasing advertising space in contrast to traditional, often manual, digital advertising approaches. This method leverages data-driven insights and algorithms to deliver advertisements to the most relevant users, precisely timed and at an optimal cost.

It saves time and money compared to traditional forms of advertising by allowing publishers and advertisers to directly communicate with their desired demographic.

Top 14 Programmatic Buying Platforms

To help you choose the best programmatic buying platforms, we’ve compiled a list of these options. Let’s take a look.

Google Ads

When it comes to programmatic buying platforms, Google Ads is a safe bet since it paves the way for the development of rich, cross-platform advertising experiences.

You have a lot of control over how your platform-native advertising turns out using this tool. Its data-driven dashboard provides an extra benefit for maximizing the return on investment of marketing campaigns.


MediaMath is one of the leading programmatic buying platforms an all-encompassing demand side platform with powerful features for managing campaigns across all channels.

It connects you with reputable advertisers in a wide range of fields, allowing you to create a custom marketplace that makes the most of your ad spend based on past results.


Amobee is a trusted DSP with cross-channel programmatic buying solutions. The tool enables advertisers to create multimedia ads with the unique advantage of showcasing ads on digital channels and TV. Advertisers can optimize each campaign and boost reach with clearly defined audiences.

Adobe Advertising Cloud

It is a campaign-agnostic, demand-side advertising platform. Using this centralized platform, users can access their data from across their many channels in one convenient spot. 

Adobe Sensei helps to improve its sophisticated customization and dynamic messaging capabilities.

Xandr Invest

Xandr is an all-inclusive programmatic buying platform with supply side and demand-side features.

You can now more easily track your campaigns throughout the whole supply chain and make more informed media purchasing decisions.

The platform aggregates information from several sources, both internal and external, to facilitate defensible decision-making.

However, it should be noted that Xandr Invest has serious usability flaws, which may prove difficult even for savvy users.


Beeswax provides an alternative bidding platform that is structured like honeycombs.

Beeswax’s programmatic ecosystem gives you room to maneuver in terms of how you plan, execute, and manage your campaigns thanks to the fact that each customer’s bidding system runs independently on a common underlying infrastructure.

Beeswax, in particular, has a low barrier to entry, with a minimum monthly media spend of about $10,000.


Adform is an adaptable advertising platform that can handle any of your promotional activities.

Adform is a user-friendly and versatile solution made for top-notch ad performance, whether you’re a publisher seeking to share your inventory or an advertiser looking to properly manage your ad data.

It’s a fantastic option for a broad variety of users, and it’s affordable even for tiny organizations.

The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk is an industry-leading data-driven advertising platform that helps businesses better organize and optimize their marketing efforts.

The platform’s collection of 100,000 premium publisher segments combined with your data will allow for pinpoint targeting.

Alongside Google’s offerings, The Trade Desk is a major participant in the ad-tech and DSP industries.


Quantcast is a programmatic buying platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) in conjunction with 100 million third-party data points to assess in-the-moment consumer behavior and create innovative digital advertising campaigns. Self-service and fully-managed advertising options are also provided.

Amazon DSP

To increase their presence on Amazon, its partner platforms, and other websites, eCommerce enterprises may use Amazon DSP, one of the leading programmatic buying platforms.

With this potent resource, you may dynamically target customers all around the world without compromising on brand integrity.


Another programmatic media buying platform on the list is Eskimi. When it comes to advertising technology, Eskimi has you covered with everything from a demand-side platform (DSP) to a supply-side platform (SSP).

It enables businesses to make use of sophisticated targeting options and produce engaging adverts. Ad campaigns may benefit from using Eskimi’s interest categories, geofencing, telecom data, and more.


Criteo is a supply-side-focused performance marketing platform. This platform is a collection of resources that may help you create relevant advertising campaigns by making use of first-party data and safeguarding your brand.

To quickly display relevant advertising, it analyzes different page components to gather contextual clues. This site is widely used by the general public.


CrossX Advertising is flexible Cross Channel Advertising Software used by Appier Customers to optimize digital marketing campaigns, increase ad performance, and manage user engagement.

This technology may help you simplify your operations by acquiring and re-engaging customers and predicting which of them will have the highest lifetime value.

Yahoo DSP

Another one of the best programmatic buying platforms in the list, Yahoo’s Demand-Side Platform (DSP) provides a turnkey solution for running programmatic advertising campaigns.

It enables bespoke ad creatives in digital out-of-home, audio, video, and native formats and offers access to accurate audience data from Verizon Media.

With this platform, you have complete freedom in designing and executing omni-channel campaigns on this platform.


Publishers and companies may create more efficient and non-intrusive ad campaigns with the help of programmatic buying platforms. You can do sophisticated targeting, in-depth analytics, and real time bidding using programmatic buying platforms.

This collection of programmatic buying platforms might help you narrow down your options. Improve your programmatic advertising approach with a powerful but simple campaign management, like AdPushup.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a programmatic media buying platform?

A programmatic ad-buying platform is a technology that automates the process of purchasing and optimizing digital advertising space across various channels in real-time.

2. Why should I use programmatic buying platforms in 2023?

Programmatic buying platforms offer advanced ad targeting, improved efficiency, and better ROI compared to traditional ad-buying methods.

3. What are some key features to look for in a top programmatic ad-buying platform?

Look for features such as advanced targeting options, real-time analytics, AI-driven optimization, and cross-channel capabilities.

4. Which programmatic ad platforms are considered the best for 2023?

The top programmatic ad platforms for 2023 may include Google Display & Video 360, The Trade Desk, Amazon DSP, and Adobe Advertising Cloud, among others.

5. Are programmatic ad platforms suitable for small businesses with limited budgets?

Yes, many programmatic platforms offer budget-friendly options and self-service features that make them accessible to small businesses.


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