In this post, we list the best WordPress blogs to help you stay updated with plugin reviews, in-depth guides, and how-to tutorials with code snippets.

WordPress is the most popular CMS for many reasons, but the most important one is that it’s free and open source. This has fostered a huge developer community around the platform that continuously builds beautiful themes, premium plugins, and even contributes to the core code.

As the user, you have the freedom to stick to the basics or really get hands-on with HTML, CSS, and PHP to customize your website in any way you like. Obviously, there is a lot of be learnt and you need to stay updated if you want to make the best of what WordPress has to offer.

Thankfully, there are many amazing publications online dedicated to covering all things WordPress starting with those that cover the very basics for beginners to more advanced ones that delve into plugin reviews, advanced in-depth guides, and how-to tutorials with code snippets. In this post, we list the best WordPress blogs to help you stay ahead of the curve.

1. Kinsta

Kinsta has been on the hosting market for over 5 years, providing premium managed WordPress hosting. They’ve started with offering web development and online marketing services, as they were growing, they’ve transformed into a trusted WordPress hosting solution to serve a wide range of customers from bloggers and small businesses to enterprise clients.

Knowing that it’s no surprise that Kinsta’s blog performs as a remarkable resource to WordPress users of all kinds. One can find up-to-date, expert help on topics such as site maintenance, increasing page speed, WordPress security, SEO, collections of useful plugins, troubleshooting or boosting sales on a WooCommerce site. They also have a popular interview series in which they chat with some of the top names of the WP community. As part of Kinsta’s global expansion, their blog is being translated into several foreign languages.

2. WPBeginner


Hands down the best resource for users who are just getting started with WordPress, WPBeginner offers quick tips and tutorials on how to get things done in and troubleshoot problems in WordPress.

WPBeginner has over 320,000 subscribers all over the world, making it one of the most popular WordPress-related publications. It has also been featured in publications such as Inc., WIRED, Mashable, and garnered praised from internet marketing heavyweights such as Neil Patel and Chris Brogan.

If you’re looking for where to begin, here are a few links:

3. WPMU DEV Blog


WPMU DEV is an independent third-party provider of 100+ premium themes and plugins which they bundle and sell as a service with 24/7 support. Apart from this, they run an amazing blog where known WordPress experts share detailed features for intermediate and advanced users on topics such as site set up, UI/UX, security, development, multisite, and much more.

If you want to go from being a beginner to someone who has the confidence to execute more complex tasks such as site management, migration, and optimization… this is the blog you should be reading.

4. Smashing Magazine


Unlike most other publications on this list, Smashing Magazine isn’t only about WordPress, but it is the leading online magazine about web design and has a section dedicated to WordPress.

This section contains features about WordPress techniques, plugins, themes, freebies, and downloads. Apart from this, their main focus is on technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript which are used extensively in WordPress development, so if you want a deeper understanding of how the WordPress front-end works, Smashing Magazine is a must-read.

Over and above what has already been mentioned, the magazine also has sections dedicated to design, mobile, graphics, and user experience—making it a comprehensive resource not only only for people who build things with WordPress, but for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the nuts and bolts that come together to make the internet that we see.

5. Torque


If you’ve done your time as a beginner WordPress user and want to stay updated about the latest updates in the WordPress development community along with tips, tools, and hacks to stay ahead of the pack—Torque is for you. They publish some of the best features about WordPress related topics.

Torque is a news site featuring all things WordPress. We are dedicated to informing new and advanced WordPress professionals about the industry. Check in daily for tutorials, interviews, news, and more.

Along with three staff members, Torque features content from a collection of writers, each with different skill-sets and experiences with WordPress.

Since its debut in July 2013, at WordCamp San Francisco, Torque has been on the forefront of news and events in the WordPress community.

I also personally love their clean layout and design; something all WordPress users can learn from.

6. ManageWP


ManageWP is a provider premium white label WordPress solutions that assist in managing multiple WordPress websites from one dashboard with tools that allow backups and cloning, managing plugins and themes, client reports, SEO, security and performance checks. It was recently acquired by GoDaddy as their second largest deal in Serbia.

On their blog, they publish tutorials, infographics, and opinion pieces to enable medium to large WordPress users to achieve their business goals. You get to learn from top contributors such as Vladimir Prelovac, Charnita Fance and Brenda Barron, along with regular AMAs with experts.

7. BobWP


Bob has been working on WordPress since 2007, over the years, he has established himself as one of the most popular and prolific voices in the WordPress community. On his blog, he publishes tutorials and reviews, features on digital media and making better content, and theme and plugin updates.

What Bob really specializes in though is eCommerce, a lot of what he publishes in that section of the blog tends to be about WooCommerce, so if you’re on that platform, this blog is an essential read for you. Apart from WooCommerce, he also publishes posts about related topics such as payment gateways, sales process, conversion optimization, and regular interviews with industry experts and successful site owners.

But wait, that’s not all, there’s also a podcast called Do the Woo which focuses on WooCommerce users, shop owners, designers and developers. They also chat about tech stuff, marketing, social and anything else eCommerce. I told you Bob is prolific.

8. WP Tavern


WP Tavern has an interesting history: Since its inception in 2009, the site changed multiple hands and ultimately landed with Matt Mullenweg in 2011, although it was revealed much later in 2013.

For the uninitiated, Matt is the founder of Automattic—the company that makes WordPress along with a host of other platforms and tools for the web such as BuddyPress, bbPress, Akismet, VaultPress, and more. After taking control, Matt took down all the ads from the blog and made product experts at Automattic in charge of the editorial strategy.

As of now, WP Tavern is the go-to source for all product and development updates about everything that Automattic makes, although, the major focus is on WordPress.

In addition to updates about development, latest plugins, how-tos, and industry news, WP Tavern also publishes a podcast called WordPress Weekly on which experts are invited from different fields related to the larger web development ecosystem where they specifically address issues that are of concern to the everyday WordPress user. The podcast already has over 200 episodes and is a must-listen.


1. What is a WordPress blog?

An open-source content management system (CMS) is WordPress. Websites and blogs can be built with this tool without coding experience. It is free of charge. It is free to install, use, and modify.

2. Is a WordPress blog the same as a website?

When you visit a particular domain or website address, you see a WordPress website. To compare a WordPress blog vs website, the simple truth is that your blog is on your website, and your WordPress website includes a blog. The blog portion of a WordPress website loads a post.

3. Why do bloggers use WordPress?

Since WordPress is a blogging platform, it has an advantage. It’s one of the easiest, fastest ways to write and publish blog posts, and it’s included right from the start. Design and apps are often the first considerations of website building tools, followed by the blogging interface.


Shubham is a digital marketer with rich experience working in the advertisement technology industry. He has vast experience in the programmatic industry, driving business strategy and scaling functions including but not limited to growth and marketing, Operations, process optimization, and Sales.

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Don't leave empty-handed

Get access to resources that will help
you stay ahead of the curve.

With stories on the latest industry trends, insightful blogs, and assets with links of deeper dive, join 10k+publishers to get your knowledge bite from Adpushup.