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AdRecover: An Alternative to Admiral

While both AdRecover and Admiral are good options for dealing with ad blockers, publishers need to check their priorities before taking a decision.

Ad blockers created a lot of problems when their use started gaining traction after 2002. However, today, we have solutions that can help deal with ad blockers and give publishers a chance to earn more revenue, such as ad block recovery.

This being said, the number of companies providing solutions for the same has increased considerably, which can make the decision making process hard for publishers. For instance, Admiral’s AdBlock Recovery solution and AdRecover both aim to help publishers recover revenue lost to ad blockers

Well, there is no doubt about the fact that both of these solutions may have some product capabilities that are unique to them. Consider Admiral for example, they provide the option of optimizing the performance of their AdBlock recovery solution through email and social subscriptions. AdRecover, on the other hand, puts more emphasis on providing publishers with premium demand and A/B testing for optimizing their revenue generation through ad block recovery. 

The question that arises now is what would be a better choice for you; Admiral Adblock Recovery or AdRecover? This decision would depend on your priorities to some extent, but it is important to see which option will give the best value for money. 

Read ahead to know if AdRecover is the solution for you. 

Why Should you Choose AdRecover?

  1. Get started in just 5 minutes

    You can go live with AdRecover on your website in a matter of minutes. Just include a single line asynchronous tag in the global head tag of the website and you can start monetizing ad impressions lost to ad blockers. 

  2. No need to compromise on user experience

    While other ad block recovery solutions may not be able to pay special attention to user experience, with AdRecover, you don’t have to worry about poor UX. This ‘Pro-User Technology’ ensures that ads are absolutely user-friendly and don’t hamper page experience in any way. 
    Moreover, AdRecover allows you to keep a track of key User Experience metrics, such as bounce rate, time-spent on page, and pageviews-per-sessions. This way you can see if any of your ad layouts are not user-friendly. We understand how important data is to measure performance of your website and hence, have come up with a technology that is reliable. 

  3. Monetize ad blocked inventory while being compliant 

    AdRecover’s team will conduct a review of your website as soon as the code is live on your website to see if it is free of any sort of conflicts. The ad units will be made live on your website after the feedback. In short, we will make sure that your website is not violating any policies. 

  4. Dedicated Account Managers

    AdRecover allows you to earn increased revenue from ad blocked inventory even if you don’t have any technical knowledge. We have dedicated account managers for every publisher who take care of anything and everything related to ad monetization. This way you also get to focus more on the other important aspects of your website. 

  5. Get access to premium demand partners

    AdRecover has built up a prominent network in the ad tech industry and is now in partnership with leading demand partners. By leveraging top-tier demand, you move beyond just monetizing ad blocked inventory and towards further optimization. 

  6. A/B test your ad layouts

    AdRecover makes A/B testing of ad layouts/units a piece of cake. We know how important it is to use the ideal ad layouts for maximum gain. So, with AdRecover, we have made sure that publishers can easily see which ad layouts are best for them. What’s more, you can also A/B test your ad units/layouts across different devices.   

Hear Directly from our Customers

We’re very happy working with AdRecover. A sizable chunk of our revenue comes from serving ads to ad blocked traffic. Our conversion rates on these ad units are higher and the engagement on our website has also improved. We haven’t noticed any UX downgrade (which was a dealbreaker for us). Our audience is our biggest asset and we wanted to ensure that they get the best content along with the best experience on our websites. AdRecover helps us achieve this goal.

Co-Founder & CEO
Publishing Partner

AdRecover in Action

Using AdRecover’s pro-user ad delivery, GSMArena was able to bolster their existing ad
revenue by monetizing their previously unused ad blocked inventory. The website
witnessed a 610% increase in impressions served on ad blocked inventory, resulting in
1125% increase in incremental revenue based on year-on-year growth.

Read the full Case Study here.

AdRecover vs. Admiral

Direct Campaign Support✔️
30+ Demand Partners✔️
AdX Dynamic Allocation✔️
Compliance with ‘Acceptable Ads’✔️✔️
Infinite Scroll Support✔️
Header Bidding Support✔️
Layout Personalization✔️
24/7 Support✔️✔️

Make the Switch Easily

We understand it might be a daunting task to choose another partner. But, with AdRecover you can make the move in just 3 simple steps:

  • Signup
  • Relax until your website is approved
  • Start earning with your account manager taking care of everything!

To Sum up

AdRecover is one of leading solutions in the industry for dealing with ad blockers and, as a publisher, you cannot go wrong with this option. As AdRecover is a child-company of AdPushup, you will have easy access to all our other offerings as well, just in case you want to expand. 

While Admiral is doing a good job in the ad tech space as well, we advise publishers to consider all the important aspects about their inventory and their business before making a decision. 

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