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Google Ad Grants: How to Get Your Non-Profit Ad Costs Covered

If you’re a non-profit and you haven’t heard of Google Ad Grants you’re missing out on a great chance to get the word out about your organization, at no cost.

Ad Grants, the non-profit arm of Google AdWords, helps recognized non-profits promote themselves via ads on search result pages, which can help raise awareness for specific fundraising events or even drive traffic to their website.

Ad Grants funds non-profits with up to $10K worth of advertising per month, though there is a strict eligibility criteria and not everyone can apply or expect to qualify.

In addition to having a current and valid charity status, any organization looking to make use of Ad Grants will have to agree to the guidelines, which covers how you use the donations and the ads themselves.

Whilst some organizations that are philanthropic under an educational institution may be eligible for the scheme government-backed organizations, hospitals and schools are amongst those that are normally excluded from receiving Ad Grants.


There are definitely plenty of hoops to jump through to qualify for Ad Grants, but the chance to spread your message as a non-profit organization without having the usual cost outlay, should convince you that it is something worth pursuing.

Inputs and source: WhoIsHostingThis