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About CCNA7

CCNA7 is a niche website that publishes educational material including in-depth learning modules and online exams targeted towards people interested in preparing for the IT certification. It follows a Q&A theme and regularly updates content to keep up with the latest CCNA related information and insights.

Industry: IAB5 (Education)
Monthly visits: 569,676
Alexa rank: 25,994 (US)

I love features such as Header Bidding, ActiveView Refresh, and AdRecover. Thanks to AdPushup for taking care of my ad operations and revenue optimization, this way I have more time to focus on and develop my website content.

Jame Su, Founder of CCNA7

Need Analysis for CCNA7

Jame Su, the founder of CCNA7, wanted to optimize his ad revenue without disrupting the user experience of his website. He was looking for detailed reporting data to help him make the right optimization decisions.

CCNA7 had explored other ad tech vendors in the past, before finally making its switch to AdPushup. The complex and time-consuming setup with other vendors was identified as a common challenge that needed to be overcome.

In his search for a more publisher-friendly ad tech platform, Jame Su discovered AdPushup via a Google search and decided to try it to help achieve his ad revenue goals. CCNA7 signed up with AdPushup with the following objectives:

  • Optimize ad performance and improve user experience
  • Improve ad yield by increasing user time on site
  • Gain detailed performance insights using reporting data

Solutions Implemented by AdPushup

AdPushup’s setup for CCNA7 hit the ground running in two days. The team then created a solution map for CCNA7 as soon as the setup was in place.

I have partnered with other ad tech vendors before. They required ad tags, had a complex implementation, and took over two weeks to go live.

Jame Su

Being a content-rich website, users spend a good amount of time interacting with the content. To leverage the high time-on-site/session duration, the ad ops team implemented ActiveView Refresh ads to increase the number of ad impressions per session. The system automatically shows a new set of ads based on time triggers and user engagement.

At the same time, the team configured header bidding to help increase impression-level ad revenue. Header bidding brings premium demand from top-tier networks and exchanges, thereby driving up bid competition for ad inventory. Next, the team set up AdRecover for CCNA7, a solution which uses ad re-insertion technology to serve ads that meet the ‘Acceptable Ads’ standards—helping recover CCNA7 was losing due to ad blockers.

In the last six months, the site’s monthly pageviews have increased by 78% and AdPushup has helped CCNA7 capitalize on that growth. As a publisher and a user, Jame Su also thought the platform was relatively easy-to-use and offered dependable support.

With AdPushup, I have a dedicated account manager to help me with any issues or doubts. The responses are quick and the account manager is friendly

Jame Su

The Results

With the combination of the solutions deployed, CCNA7 achieved a 352% ad revenue uplift in the last six months and a 534% increase in its overall ad revenue since CCNA7 started working with us. In addition, Jame Su got access to the reporting data he needed to make data-backed decisions.

I am happy working with AdPushup. They offer easy ad management and my earnings have improved to meet my expectations.

Jame Su

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