Learn what exactly OTT vs CTV mean for publishers and how they help solve the challenges of ad monetization.

The world has been moving from broadcast to digital video delivery. Cable TV and satellite TV have been overtaken by OTT and CTV advertising for publishers as they are the preferred methods of delivering content to viewers around the world.

Planned changes in connected TV (CTV) advertising spending according to marketers in selected countries worldwide in 2022 – Statista.com

More Stats and Facts – OTT and CTV :

According to Digital TV Research, media revenue from OTT and Connected TV advertising is expected to surpass $210 billion by 2026.

In recent news, Magnite has announced Magnite Streaming, a singular supply-side platform that merges technology from the Magnite CTV and SpotX platforms.

Magnite Streaming also provides advertisers with access to CTV and OTT inventory, audience targeting capabilities, and real-time reporting.

In 2022, the number of CTV users amounted to more than 110 million among Gen Z and Millennials.

Most viewers are switching from linear TV to OTT and CTV. Hence, advertisers are quick to embrace this digital migration.

OTT vs CTV: Which One is the Right Pick for Publishers?

While both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, each has a unique way of serving different people in the right market at the right time.

  • With over-the-top ads (OTT), businesses can directly market to consumers who may not be listening to or watching traditional television channels. This approach allows businesses to tailor their ads to a specific demographic, as opposed to having to target general demographics and geography as they do with traditional ads.
  • In contrast, the ads on CTV are served programmatically and are purchased through your DSP. The CTV ads will appear on your channel’s site as a channel ad, but it is not being served as an interruptive ad.
  • These over-the-top/OTT ads will also display in a tab near the bottom of the screen for visitors who don’t want to leave your website to get more information about what you offer.
  • With CTV, businesses are showing their ads as content that consumers can enjoy in the same way as if they were watching a TV show.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Publishers Must Leverage OTT And CTV Ads

Here are the top reasons why publishers must leverage OTT and CTV ads for improved revenue generation.

  • Keeps up with a fast-growing and young global audience
  • Engaging and impactful content formats
  • High viewability rates
  • Data transparency and microtargeting
  • Reduced ad-costs

While the OTT publishers allow users to watch shows and movies whenever they want, on any device with the help of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu, CTV ads are targeted toward devices “connected” to the internet, meaning smart TVs, streaming devices, and gaming consoles. 

Over-the-top and CTV ads help target users of all ages, genders, education levels, interests and locations (with precise geographic data) based on in-app behaviour or user search history across multiple platforms.

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Digital programmatic advertising through OTT and CTV ads comes with its own sets of benefits, such as a lower minimum cost threshold, cheaper cross-platform blended CPMs, complex audience segmentation, and advanced reporting capabilities, which makes it a lucrative option for advertisers.

Now that your ads are running on OTT and CTV platforms, your next area of focus should be on maximizing your ad revenue.

Listen to what CTV is on our podcast and build a deeper insight.

How to Maximize Ad Revenue with OTT & CTV?

Ad-supported video on demand (OTT) and channel-based advertising (CTV) is widely accepted as the two top ways to monetize ads on the web.

Advertisers need to consider several important factors when determining OTT and CTV strategies. They must define the target audience and their expectations, develop a go-to-market strategy, understand the visitor’s journey or ad experience, and test different delivery methods to see which one works best for them.

Leverage Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic CTV advertising seems to be the go-to option for marketers looking to reach modern customers at scale.

Mobile Phones vs Connected TVs

When targeting consumers, CTV advertising that is suitable for big screens is best. For APAC consumers, mobile-friendly OTT advertisements offer higher returns on your advertising spending.

Pick The Right Content

While commercials are unavoidable on AVOD, users may pay extra to avoid them on SVOD (except when consumers upgrade). Marketers may now reach more people in the US and APAC by advertising on AVOD programs.

Before implementing an omnichannel marketing strategy, marketers must first determine exactly who their target consumer base is and what they want. Data providers that provide global, accurate, and high-performing audience segments are critical to accomplishing this.

Here’s how you can pick the best one that suits your needs.

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Strategies to Follow When Implementing OTT and CTV Ads

Keep your marketing objectives to one clear goal. Don’t try to do too much here, as it can confuse and turn off your audience before taking the desired action.

It’s All About Your Audience

Understand your audience’s needs, and do not opt for a one-size-fits-all approach. Take your time, research, and plan your ad messaging around a specific customer profile.

CTA Makes All The Difference

Compared to other media platforms, OTT advertising is more engaging and visually appealing. Viewers cannot click on an OTT ad to reach your website, unlike social media or search ads. Hence, including a clear and compelling CTA is a must.

Don’t Be Afraid of Experimentation

In addition to creating effective CTAs, it’s important to test different over-the-top ads as part of your OTT advertising campaign. One way to do this is by splitting-testing two different versions of an ad or airing them on different platforms at once.

Consistency is The Key

Media is now being consumed by multiple audiences at the same time. By running media ads that promote your brand consistently and clearly, you can reach new audiences with ease. Showing your logo, eye-catching images of your products or services, and CTA across all your ads helps greatly with brand recall.

Customize Your Ads for Multiple Devices

It’s not just laptops and smartphones—people are consuming video content on tablets, connected TVs and other devices. To ensure that your over-the-top ads appeal to users on all of these display types, use fluid grids, flexible images, larger texts and close-up shots.

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Bring Out Your Story

Why should people buy from you? You know your audience. Use that knowledge to sell yourself better than the competition at a price you can afford. Craft an ad that shows viewers why they should watch. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your messaging, and make sure it’s clear, concise and non-preachy.

Digital is more than just the website. In today’s world, digital presence is about building a robust digital presence to stay relevant and thrive in the new normal. With new technology, brands are able to create personalized experiences for their audiences across all platforms, not just on the internet.

This is where OTT publishers and CTV advertising come into play, where over-the-top ads are targeted and customized for you or your audience on different devices and touchpoints.

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Top 7 OTT and CTV Platforms for Publishers

Kickstart your OTT and CTV journey with these top-notch 7 platforms that are handpicked just for you.

Amazon Fire

Access all your favourite apps under one roof. Amazon Fire is a TV with an HDMI port and an internet connection. Quick and large reach.

Apple TV

Apple TV is a smart TV and streaming device that works with your iOS device to offer video, music and games. Massive audience reach.


Playstation is a popular game console made by Sony that is used to stream videos and games. Perfect for niche audiences in sports and the online gaming space. 


A video streaming service that allows people to watch a wide variety of great TV shows and movies. Netflix is perfect for a global audience.


YouTubeTV is one of the most popular free video streaming platforms in the world, which enables both content creators and businesses to earn a profit from videos and advertisements on the platform.


Hulu is a TV streaming service that allows users to watch live and on-demand TV shows and movies on Internet-connected devices. Helps reach a large audience faster.


World’s top audio streaming service with a giant library of music, podcasts and videos offered through mobile devices and desktops. Spotify is great for targeting a global audience with niche interests.

It is becoming more and more important to advertise online, especially through OTT publishers. With advances in technology for viewing, viewing quality and reach, it is easier to view an ad campaign online rather than just in your local market.

Final Words

Through CTV and OTT publishers, publishers enjoy the benefits of targeting customers all at once, with high-quality content and branding that offers brand safety.

In addition, publishing through these channels provides publishers with the opportunity to track the metrics of their campaigns in order to understand engagement and the effectiveness of their advertising.

With the growing popularity of OTT and CTV advertising for publishers, these platforms will undoubtedly help draw larger ad spending and continue to increase their market share.

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FAQ – OTT and CTV for Publishers

1) How do I Publish Ads on OTT Platforms?

 To advertise on OTT publishers through Connected TV advertising, you first need to determine your target audience. Then, you can use one of a variety of types of ads for the platform – video ads, text ads, and banner ads.

There are 2 types of over-the-top ad insertion methods — CSAI and SSAI

CSAI works by making calls from the video player to an ad server that responds to the ad. On the other hand, SSAI works by seamlessly integrating the ad media directly into the video stream without making any calls to a server to receive ads.

2) How Profitable are OTT Publisher Platforms?

Connected TV advertising and OTT for publishers have several advantages over other platforms. First, it’s convenient and easy to advertise your content on the market due to the ideal size of each advertisement. It helps target niche audiences for improved results. 

Second, you can use special modes that allow advertisers to create their own ads at the same level of advertising complexity and flexibility as in TV and radio broadcasts. Thirdly, they are cost-effective and offer insightful reports on various ad campaigns. 

3) Which are the Best OTT and CTV Platforms?

The eight most popular OTT publishers and CTV platforms to promote your business through targeted ads are Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, The Roku Channel, Wowza, Apple TV, Playstation and Amazon Fire.

4) How do OTT and CTV help Publishers Promote their Ads through an Online Presence?

OTT and CTV platforms for publishers allow them to reach a wider audience within specific demographics and interests. The message will reach the target market based on engagement and consumer behaviour, driving consumer sales and brand recognition. It offers benefits such as wider audience reach, brand safety, effective result monitoring and reduced ad costs.


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