After Dubai, Monaco, Delhi and Bengaluru, we hosted the fifth edition of our publisher focused in-person meetup this year at the Chicago office of Google. 

The event featured some of the leading personalities in the Ad tech Industry who spoke about the current trends in the industry from a publisher’s perspective:

The event touched upon various topics which publishers have been dealing with during the last year.

Lauren Liederbach, Google’s Program Manager for privacy and data, gave an opening presentation on how publishers can prepare for the upcoming changes in the privacy world.

Followed by a panel discussion featuring Erica Gruen, Anjlee Majmudar, and Taylor Ortiz Hershman discussed how publishers can survive and thrive during the anticipated recession, by sharing unparalleled consumer insights, the advertiser’s perspective during such period and best practices for publishers.

publisher meet up chicago

The panel discussion went into detail of how the recession has affected the publishers thus far and what ways can be adopted for better results during the current quarter but to also prepare well for the upcoming Q1 next year.

They also discussed the effects of past recessions on the publishers and the current trends of this recession while discussing the economy in depth.

The event came to a close with a fireside chat with Harit Pathak from Essentially Sports & Ankit Oberoi, Founder & CEO of Zelto (AdPushup).

Harit shared his playbook which helped them scale from a little under 1M monthly users to over 45M+ users in less than 3 years.

publisher meet up chicago

In addition to this they briefly discussed the importance of culture and how it acts as a guiding light for all the different departments in an organization, helping in promoting a healthy work environment.

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