Do you publish health, fitness, or wellness related content? Here are 7 niche health and fitness ad networks that may help you get better ad revenues.

Niche (a.k.a. vertical) ad networks are dedicated to delivering advertising to a specific audience and as a result have a few advantages for both advertisers and publishers compared to the larger, more generalized ad networks such as Google AdSense and Yahoo! Advertising.

Advertisers benefit from niche ad networks because they help them reach a more targeted and informed audience, even though the overall impressions may be lower. Publishers on the other hand, typically witness higher click through on the ads, which translates to higher revenue.

Here are a few niche ad health and fitness ad networks that may be worth trying out if you publish fitness-related content.

1. Adprime Health


With over 1,000 websites in their network, Adprime Health is one of the largest ad networks that target the health market online. Some of the websites in their network include My Health News Daily, MedHelp, Mothering, DailyRX,, The Diabetes Daily, and more.

Adprime Health network promises a higher ROI by filling up your ad inventory with relevant and high-quality ads from advertisers in the health and medicine niche.

Adprime offers multiple display, video, and mobile ad formats such as standard IAB ad units, rich media units, prestitials, interstitials, in-banner video, mobile display units, and more.

2. Healthy Ads


Healthy Ads is a targeted fitness and health ad network which promises to serve high-quality ads which do not derail your website’s experience.

Typically, larger ad networks have a low entry barrier when it comes to ad approval because their operation is geared towards serving as many ads they possibly can.

This may become problematic for fitness bloggers if the ads that are displayed on their website are totally out-of-sync with their content; imagine an ad for some spurious weight loss pills being displayed right next to a post that shuns fitness fads. Healthy Ads eliminates such problems by implementing tighter quality control during ad approval.

3. eHealthcare Solutions


eHealthcare Solutions is an ad network that represents highly targeted websites to advertisers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

They offer a complete advertising solution including ad delivery, informed targeting technology, ad trafficking, campaign optimization, sales & client management, online reporting, billing & collections, and research. With their expertise and extensive network, eHealthcare Solutions has become a go-to option for companies looking to effectively reach their target audiences in the healthcare sector, making them an ideal choice for those seeking to outsource healthcare.

eHealthcare Solutions currently represent over 400 websites and digital properties that target physicians, healthcare professionals, and consumers. A few of these include, EmpowHER, FertilityAuthority, MedHelp, ScienceDaily, Psychology Today, and more.

4. Burst Media

burst media

Burst Media is a vertically integrated ad network that allows publishers and advertisers access to various channels such as technology, green technology, and wellness. The Burst Wellness channel is comprised of over 100 health and fitness-related websites that make it easy for advertisers to reach the right audience.

Burst Media offers an easy setup and pays through Electronic Fund Transfer. Burst media promises to give publishers high CPMs, access to high-quality brand campaigns, and complete control over the ads that are displayed on the website.

The publisher account center provides a revenue management tool, a reporting tool that provides in-depth statistical reports, and a campaign management tool that allows publishers to manage the types of campaigns or advertisers that run on your site based on easy-to-use filters.

5. FitAd Active Mobile Advertising


FitAd is an advertising platform that helps fitness and health publishers maximize the revenue potential of their mobile websites and apps with rich media, video and native advertising solutions. The signup process is simple with a FitAd SDK for your app and ad tags for your mobile website.

Real-time reporting and analytics allows publishers to manage mobile advertising inventory, check reporting, track earnings, and view revenue. Other features and benefits of FitAd include access to high value brands, maximum full rate and yield optimization, 1 call support, and access to both direct and programmatic revenue streams.

6. Mode Media

mode media

Mode Media is large platform of curated content that gets shared and discovered socially. Comscore has rated Mode Media amongst the top 10 media companies in the US. Mode Media publishes content under four distinct channels, which are Glam (women’s interest), Brash (men’s interest), Bliss (wellness), Foodie (food), and Tend (parenting).

The Bliss channel comprises of more than 280 influential health and wellness in its network and receives 13M unique visitors per month.

Mode helps content creators monetize their websites, mobile websites, videos, and social accounts with premium brand advertising and also provides support in terms of campaign management, post-campaign analytics, and advice.

7. Adrx Media

adrx media

Using display, video, and mobile advertising, Adrx Media helps pharmaceutical and OTC brands reach targeted readers based on condition, location, purchase behavior, lifestyle and life stage.

Every Adrx publisher is assigned a dedicated account manager who actively assists the publisher with campaign management, planning, execution, and reporting.

Publishers have complete control over which ads do and don’t get displayed on their websites. The user interface is intuitive and provides real-time updates on campaign performance, activity, fill rate, and revenue earning data.


Shubham is a digital marketer with rich experience working in the advertisement technology industry. He has vast experience in the programmatic industry, driving business strategy and scaling functions including but not limited to growth and marketing, Operations, process optimization, and Sales.

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