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9 Steps to Choose the Best AdTech Company:

According to GlobalData, adtech companies will drive the internet advertising industry to $1 trillion by 2030.

With the digital world thriving on advertising, ad tech companies are the solution for most of the advertising challenges faced by publishers and advertisers.

Before we dive into how ad tech companies work, let’s first understand what is ad tech?

What is Ad Tech?

In brief, ad tech comprises all the tools and software that facilitate the smooth delivery of ads at the right time and place. In addition, they hold the baton of managing and optimizing all the advertising efforts with comprehensive reporting of performance and ways to resolve advertising challenges, if any.

With programmatic advertising as its core, ad tech includes the essentials to make buying and selling ads convenient. Ad tech landscape includes:

As the spine of digital advertising, ad tech companies play an integral role. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at top ad tech companies:

Top ad tech companies:

Below is the list of the leading ad tech industries that have given a new face to advertising:

I. Criteo:

Criteo is a fast-growing ad tech company focused on commerce media growth, with an artificial intelligence engine that serves highly personalized relevant ads. 

This France-based ad tech company analyses customer behavior and intent throughout customers’ shopping journeys. Then, it renders them product recommendations to further their engagements, attract first-time users, and enhance repurchases.

II. Adpushup:

With over 300 publishing partners in the pocket and billions of ad impressions optimized, Adpushup is a google certified publishing partner and one of the fastest growing companies in Americas. 

This ad tech company has the whole itinerary from automated A/B testing to Adblock recovery tools that advertisers and publishers need to maximize revenue generation. Backed with innovative ad formats, this ad tech company is one stop revenue optimization platform for web publishers.

III. VideoAmp

The second most popular ad tech company in growth, according to, VideoAmp is devoted to connecting content creators to a wide range of audiences through digital video marketing across over-the-top platforms, including tv. 

It deploys an expert team of data engineers, analysts and software developers for sophisticated data analysis and website optimization. Its latest acquisition of Elsy has enabled this ad tech company to automate tv ad measurement.

IV. Integrate:

Integrate is a demand-accelerating platform that connects buyers and top organizations with precision demand marketing, eliminating siloed content and providing high-quality, relevant buyers. 

V. Adtheorent:

With its predictive targeting and geo-targeting, Adtheorent ad tech company garners the highest C.T.As with relevant ads based on data collected from users’ device locations. Of course, with all adherence to user privacy. In addition, it offers machine learning solutions to drive results.

Best Ad tech Companies in India:

India is not far behind in utilizing the seamless power of digitalization. With content creators, publishers and online businesses mushrooming, it is only natural for ad tech companies to appear in India.

Below are the top ad tech companies in India:


Founded as SMS based search and monetization platform in Mumbai, India, this platform redefined the potential of mobile advertising. A network spread over 169 countries receives 200 billion ad requests and optimizes approximately 23 billion ad impressions monthly.

ADZjunction is an Omni channel platform that provides one-stop solutions from web designing to driving top-tier traffic to the sites for all advertising challenges.

Top Ad tech Companies to Work for:

I. Adpushup:

Glassdoor ranks Adpushup as the one of the most dynamic workspaces.  The company is accredited as a Great Place to Work. Not only does it provide flexible timings, but it also assists employees in evolving as owners with ESOPs.

II. Integral Ad Science:

Integral ad science employs the strategy of D.E.I. that is ‘diversity, equity and inclusion to keep the perspectives wider. Besides, lucrative incentives backed by the continuous evolution of employee makes this ad tech company a perfect workplace.

III. Adwerx:

Rendering fully paid medical health benefits and happy hours to their employees, Adwerx takes care of its employees as family. 

IV. The Trade Desk:

The trade desk offers an abundance of facilities with paid leaves. Based on that, tailormade recommendations and incentive-based performance make it one of the best ad tech companies to work for. 

Top Adtech startups for 2023:

The pandemic cast a dry spell for many ad techs. However, this scenery has changed and is bound to grow even more. Below is the list of promising ad tech startups for 2022:

I. Prize out:

With one month’s search growth being 4000% and located in new york, Prizeout is the adtech startup that offers gift cards to push sales. 

II. Cosmos:

Cosmos is an adtech company founded in 2019 and is the number one offline retail platform. In addition to storing data from over 50,000 stores and 40,000 mobile apps, it also keeps online and offline consumer interaction records to make online ads more relevant.

III. Permutive:

Permutive is a privacy-conscious ad tech platform for publishers and advertisers that helps manage advertising campaigns to reach their full potential without jeopardizing consumers’ privacy. The average monthly revenue generated by this ad tech company is around 135%, with 7X targetable inventory.

IV. Popcorn:

Popcorn is an ad tech company specializing in leveraging brand collaborations via podcasts. Podcasters can pitch in, connect with brands, and spice up their podcasting business with native ad formats.

V. Taboola:

With select advertising partners, taboola is a renowned one-stop ad tech solution for ad agencies, advertisers and publishers by genuinely driving ad content to the right users at the right time.

VI. Advert:

Advert is an in-game advertising platform with a wider reach to the audience. It places in-game ads that call for action.

How to Choose the Best Ad tech Company?

Now the big question arises which ad tech company is tailormade to cater to your needs? With several ad tech agencies and companies emerging daily, choosing the one that suits your needs might be difficult. Before choosing, consider these:

A well-formed questionnaire can narrow the search to work with the best agency. Once you know the answers to these questions, you can schedule a demo call with top ad tech companies. Check for the following pointers to find best ad tech company for your business:

  1. Understand Your Requirements 

    Businesses are not all alike; they come with their own needs and requisites. Therefore, understanding your own business requirements is the first step in categorizing the type of adtech industry one would deploy for its services. The next step is to check which ad tech company aligns best with your objective.

    Some ad tech agencies offer one for all solutions, from creating an ad campaign to optimizing for revenue generation. These companies have the latest Artificial Intelligence technology, optimized demand and supply side platforms, and high-quality targeting techniques. Similarly, few ad tech companies only offer specialized services.

    So, take your time to do understand your requirement and then do sufficient research to shortlist your favourites. 

  2. Check if the Adtech company provides advanced audience analytics:

    Look for partners who use AI and machine learning to provide interactive audience insights in seconds, not hours. Machine learning and AI can be used to transform unique, real-time data into behavioral patterns. When you understand consumer behavior patterns and predictions, you can deliver perfectly timed, uniquely relevant advertising that drives performance.

  3. Can your AdTech partner measure Actual results:

    Direct measurement is crucial. You should ask your Adtech partners if they measure actual results. Many audience measurement tools, such as Nielsen ratings, rely on panel-based data collection, which can to provide relevant insights. Choosing an adtech partner who has access to real-time data will help you better understand how your target audience is behaving.

  4. Can the adtech company leverage first-party data?

    In the cookieless world, publishers monetize audiences based on their first-party data. Do your partners use AI & ML to assist the complex process of predicting purchase intent? You need partners who can demonstrate high performance by leveraging first-party data.

  5. Is Your AdTech Partner GDPR & CCPA Compliant?

    Consumer privacy expectations have evolved, so has the third-party cookies usage in advertising. Your AdTech partner should be compliant with policies such as GDPR and CCPA. Further, with the shift toward first-party data, the ad tech agency you plan to work with must utilize consent management platforms to protect data ownership and usage.

  6. Who’s vouching for them?

    Seek partners who work with standard-setting committees like the IAB Tech. Are they Google Certified Publishing Partner or a Prebid Member? If your AdTech partner has a seat at the table of the future of online advertising, you won’t miss out on the development and implementation of new cookieless standards.

    Adpushup is a Google Certified Publishing Partner, backed by Microsoft Ventures, and ranked 33rd on the America’s Fastest-Growing Companies list.

  7. How has the Adtech partner innovated?

    Your potential AdTech partner should be able to tell you exactly what kind of platform innovations they rolled out in the past year. It would be a good idea to request their product roadmap and to ask how they are managing to deliver on it. Their ability to add new innovations to their product may help you stay ahead of your competition.

  8. Easy to Implement Systems

    The platform should be intuitive and its interface should be easy to navigate. This makes onboarding new users easy, and campaigns will run smoothly without constant maintenance

  9. Review their Advertiser Network and Demand Partner

    The most effective way to monetize traffic is combining direct traffic with programmatic sources such as ad exchanges/ networks / DSPs. Top AdTech companies offer their demand in addition to the technology – the result is increased fill rates and monetization of remnant traffic.

    Adpushup helps publishers Leverage 30K advertisers 50+ tier-1 ad exchanges, including Google AdX and OpenX. In other words, you can Increase competition for your ad inventory with access to demand from Google, Amazon, Xander, Index Exchange, Rubicon, Media,Net, and many more.

    These partnerships allow us to reduce barriers of entry and bring the best global brands, campaigns, and ads to our publisher partners.

Find out how Adpushup can help publishers generate higher ad revenue.

Check out our case studies to see how top publishers like NDTV, PinkVilla, ELLE, and SPIN saw massive revenue uplifts while working with us.

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1. What does an AdTech company do?

In digital advertising, Adtech refers to tools and software used by agencies, brands, publishers, and platforms. Adtech platforms enable brands and agencies to purchase advertising spaces. As well as helping publishers sell ad space.

2. What are the examples of adtech?

The following are examples of adtech:
I. Digital banners 
II. Tag management systems
III. Data management platforms
IV. Ad exchanges, networks, and servers
V. Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) 
VI. Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) 

3. What are the top adtech companies?

Some of the top adtech companies include Adpushup, InMobi, ADZ Junction, Aristoma, EMIAC Technologies, and 135 Tech Labs

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