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Ad Tech Conferences: The Best Events to Learn, Network, and Grow

There’s a reason we call them advertising networks after all: advertising is as much about networks as it is about technology. Read the blog now!

Advertising is as much about networks as it is about technology, there’s a reason we call them advertising networks after all. There are a handful of yearly events worldwide where ad ops professionals, publishers, advertisers, regulatory agencies, and ad executives gather to share knowledge, form new partnerships, and grow their reach and impact.

Here are the most important ad tech conferences that should be on your calendar.

> ad:tech

Several annual events around the world deliver immersive education through keynote speakers, timely topic-driven panels and hands-on workshops as well as showcase the latest products and solutions to help deepen understanding and create new ideas that will drive innovation. Attendees leave ad:tech inspired by what’s new and what’s next, armed with the tools and techniques they need to shift and re-imagine their own businesses.

Dates: New York, 1-2 Nov // London, 29-30 Nov // LA, India, elapsed

Price: From $50 for Expo Only Pass to $1595 for onsite All Access Pass

> Advertising Week

Advertising Week is the premier event for marketing, brand, advertising, and technology professionals. Now in four different major cities across the globe – New York, London, Tokyo, and Mexico City – each edition of Advertising Week presents endless opportunities to learn, network and liase with the industry’s best.

Date:  Tokyo, 29 May to 1 June // NY, 25 to 29 Sep // Mexico, 13 to 17 Nov // London, elapsed

Price: Varies by region

> Hero Conference

Hero Conf is a gathering of digital advertising pros looking for an event that doesn’t just cover PPC, but focuses on PPC alone. Expect a deep-dive into the content that you need to manage your account better, stay up-to-date on industry trends and generally have fun learning about the latest in paid search.

Dates: London, 23-25 October // LA, elapsed

Price: From £850 Conference Pass to £2250 Agency Hero pass

> Programmatic I/O

PROGRAMMATIC I/O is the original, and the largest conference devoted to programmatic media and marketing. Held annually in San Francisco and New York, these industry conferences attract 1000-1100 programmatic marketing executives from top brands, advertising agencies, publishers, media and technology providers. With two days of impactful programming, 50+ industry speakers and a variety of networking events, AdExchanger’s PROGRAMMATIC I/O conferences are the must attend events of the programmatic industry.

Dates: NY, 25-26 October // LA, elapsed

Price: From $1595 to $1995

> Digiday Programmatic Summit

Brands have been outsourcing programmatic buying to their agency partners for a long time. But as more organizations are wary of kickbacks, hidden media fees and compromising customer data, marketers are getting more involved with their strategic decisions in programmatic. And with the next phase of programmatic starting to take hold with a focus on quality, brands are rethinking their internal structure and external agency relationships, as well as focusing on issues like transparency, talent and ad blocking. At Digiday’s Programmatic Summit, brands gather to discuss these topics and how they can prepare for a programmatic future.

Date: Arizona, 31 May to 2 June // Dublin, 24-26 April

Price: $2895 for Entry-Level Pass to $4795 for Standard Pass

> Programmatic Pioneers Summit

Bringing together the entire ecosystem – from Brands to Agencies to Publishers to Tech – the event covers all aspects of building a successful Programmatic strategy, from mobile display to creative messaging, from establishing a winning brand/agency relationship to the challenges of bringing it in-house, and everything in between.

Date: London, 17-18 May

Price: From £799 for Two-Day Conference Pass to £1999 for Main Conference Pass

> IAB Programmatic Symposium

Fake news, fraud, brand safety breakdowns, measurement chaos, and other examples of supply chain failure—among the biggest issues in our industry—are consistently laid at the doorstep of programmatic technologies and operations. The one-day IAB Programmatic Symposium convenes buyers and sellers to address how to solve these and other challenges.

Date: NY, 17 May

Price: $895 for IAB members and $1195 for non-members

Elapsed events

  • AdAge Digital Conference
  • PPC Masters
  • Programmatic Media Summit


1. What is the meaning of adtech?

The term advertising technology, or adtech, describes the tools and software advertisers use to reach audiences, deliver and measure digital advertising campaigns. Adtech emerged to streamline the process of buying and selling digital ads as they became more complex.

2. What do Adtech companies do?

Adtech refers to software and tools that agencies, brands, publishers, and platforms use to target, deliver, and measure digital advertising. Brands and agencies purchase advertising space through adtech software platforms. In addition, they assist publishers in pricing and selling their ad space.

3. Why is Adtech important?

Adtech is important due to the large amount of money spent on digital advertising. This volume allows adtech to optimize buyers’ budgets and maximize sellers’ revenue streams.