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Ad Tech Predictions 2023: What Does 2023 Have in Store for Publishers?

Publishers were still trying to figure out how to deal with emerging privacy laws and the imminent purging of cookies, then COVID-19 brought a host of challenges. 

Much like all the other industries, the ad tech industry has been forced to push its limits and work through the unprecedented situation of the pandemic. The radical changes that occurred in 2021 and 2022 are likely to continue through to next year. Based on that and other developments, it’s possible to predict some trends that publishers will most likely have to adhere to.

So, here are some scenarios that publishers can expect to face in 2023:

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Adapting to a Cookieless World and More Privacy Laws

Next year will be especially crucial for publishers due to Google’s plan to remove cookies in 2022. Publishers now have no choice but to finally make the shift towards alternatives.

The increasing implementation of stricter privacy will further force publishers to make do with lesser data about users. Along with GDPR and CCPA, publishers can look forward to dealing with new privacy laws from other countries as well. ‘User data’ has now become a sensitive topic, and for publishers to stay ahead of the curve, it is imperative to respect privacy. 

Impact of COVID-19

Publishers dealing with ad campaigns related to sports, food & beverages, film, and lifestyle-related industries have been hit the hardest. There’s no telling how governments of different countries decide to deal with the pandemic in the wake of its second wave. Such industries may as well have to continue operating with lesser resources and staff, along with a reduced number of consumers. This will affect publishers depending on them to monetize their websites. 

Rise in the Number of Online Consumers

The growing number of online consumers is certainly refreshing amidst the several unfavourable changes that have taken place this year. More people have started using online resources due to the imposition of the lockdown. This means that more people are browsing, which gives publishers a chance to earn higher CPMs than usual.

The trend will likely continue in 2023 since the number of people being affected by COVID-19 has been rising rapidly. The return to normalcy can be delayed even with the predicted emergence of vaccines in some time. Hence, people will have to suffice with online solutions. In this case, publishers can help in providing a better online experience to users through meaningful content. 

Shifting Towards Alternate Solutions

Publishers should start thinking about using contextual targeting rather than relying on private user data. Contextual targeting essentially gives publishers a way to respect the privacy of the user. Advertisements become much less intruding and therefore enhance user experience. Moreover, it can also help in increasing conversion rates because the user is being served with ads that are relevant to their interest. 

Even with things being highly unpredictable, publishers can rely on the certainty of privacy laws, decreased reliability of cookies, and the “new normal”. This was an attempt to give publishers a quick idea of how 2023 can shape the ad tech landscape.

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