Ask a thousand publishers, what are their top priorities? You’ll only hear quality content and ever increasing ad revenue.

When it comes to ad revenue, the first stop for most publishers is to try Google AdSense. Likewise, AdSense seems to provide all basic features a web publisher needs for initial monetization days.

As the traffic grows and publishers build an audience of their own, they want more and better revenue.

But there are certain challenges there that makes publishers stagnant with their growth:

  • Lack of/incomplete knowledge of ad tech
  • Lack of technical skills to implement various technologies
  • Unavailability of good demand for their ad inventories

To overcome these shortcoming, publishers choose to partner-up with ad revenue optimization platforms. We (AdPushup) are an ad revenue optimization platform that helps publishers unlock the true potential of their inventory.

In this article, we are focusing on how we have helped publishers using AdSense to drastically increase their revenue. Here we have listed two websites with different niche, category, and audience demographics to help you understand our services. These websites are:

Wealth Growth Wisdom:

  • Category: Money & Finance
  • Monthly Page Views: 1M+

All Garage Floors:

  • Category: Home & Garden
  • Monthly Page Views: 100K+

1. Wealth Growth Wisdom

Website info

Wealth Growth Wisdom is a go-to finance blog based out of Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Started in October 2018, the website continues to expand in its niche by publishing everything finance—from growth ideas for small businesses to economy based facts.

Problem statement

In almost two years after the initial launch, Wealth Growth Wisdom has managed to grow its traffic exponentially. Emmanuel Hernandez, Founder of Wealth Growth Wisdom, was monetizing this traffic using AdSense. Soon, Emmanuel realized the potential of the traffic and started looking for monetization options.

While looking for solutions, Emmanuel landed on AdPushup. Here are requirements shared by him during the initial calls:

  • Looking for better optimization of ad stack
  • Access top-tier demand
  • Improve RPM and ad revenue

Solution offered

Our ad operations experts suggested connecting Visual Ad Manager to see potential to improve layout for more-quality impressions. After analysing the website, these are solutions we offered:


In a span of six months, WGW witnessed a 143% hike in its Page RPM which had always been a focus for the publisher. 

We tried other partners, but AdPushup quickly showed to be the best performer in revenue & RPM optimization

Emmanuel Hernandez

During this time frame, the website remained close to a flat line of page views. Though, with all the implementations, the publisher managed to receive an overall 233% increase in its ad revenue from baseline in working with AdPushup.

2. All Garage Floors

Website info

All Garage Floors is an information website about garage flooring options. Created in 2012, it is a go-to resource for consumers looking for product advice and recommendations in the flooring and home improvement niche. The website publishes information about repairs and DIY projects, alongside product reviews.

Problem statement

This website is single-handedly managed by Shea Walker and monetized using Google AdSense. Shea wanted to focus on quality of content and hence, looking for an ad monetization platform to help with ad revenue.

After going through many platforms, Shea landed on AdPushup via a blog post. Here are problem statements mentioned by Shea while signing up with us:

  • Stabilize declining revenues with existing AdSense platform
  • Create more time and bandwidth for content strategy and development
  • Optimize existing ad layouts with proven ad ops expertise

Solution offered

Our publishers development and ad ops experts quickly started looking for an ideal solution for this particular website. This is what we concluded after the first analysis:

  • All Garage Floor has a good time-on-site percentage, which is ideal to try ActiveView Ad Refresh
  • Next, to improve the revenue, we suggested Shea to try our Managed Header Bidding Solution
  • We also recommended Shea to switch to AdX that is known to have the largest pool of demand for increased bid pressure on the inventory


Shea pretty much agreed to our solutions. The combination of using AdPushup’s ActiveView Ad Refresh and Managed Header Bidding together, further optimized by Automated Ad Layout Optimization, drove an overall 186% uplift in ad revenue within five months for All Garage Floors.

I now worry less about keeping up with the constantly changing digital advertising landscape, knowing that AdPushup is doing that for me. They have allowed me to focus more on what I do best—creating great content for my readers and expanding my audience.

Shea Walker

During this period, the website witnessed a 120% increase in its traffic. Capitalizing on that growth, the ad refresh system had a multiplier effect on the total impression requests generated, resulting in a 136% increase in ad impressions served. Shea found that his Page RPM had also increased by 60% in the first three months of using AdPushup.

Final Word

In our experience of working with AdSense publishers, we have noticed that some publishers find it difficult to trust advertisers other than the ones coming in via Google Display Network.

It’s understandable as publishers don’t want to be penalized by Google while working with a third party platform. Because in worst cases, Google is known to ban publishers who don’t follow their terms and conditions.

If you are also worried about such things, then allow us to introduce you to Google Certified Publishing Partners (GCPP). A GCPP badge is provided by Google to platforms who are known to offer best service to publishers and their teams are approved by Google to offer best support. AdPushup is a Google Certified Publishing Partner.

Which story is most relatable to you? Let us know if you are facing similar challenges.


Ankit is a co-founder @ AdPushup (a tool which helps online publishers optimize ad revenues) and loves online marketing & growth hacking.

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