Publishers experimenting with new ad formats to earn more revenue may want to consider video ads. Video ad is one of the most engaging ad types.

Even with the issues like intrusiveness, video ads are still making their way to the advertising. Whether you’re a fan of video ads or not, there is no denying that when used correctly, these ads can provide a substantial boost in revenue.

Hence, the ad industry needs some good ad networks to match publishers interested in video ads with advertisers willing to deploy video creatives.

So which video ad network performs the best? That’s subjective since there are so many factors involved, but here are some networks that frequently receive positive reviews from users.

15 Best Video Ad Networks for Publishers in 2023

1. Selectmedia


Selectmedia is a great solution for monetizing cross-screen video desktop and mobile worldwide, but bear in mind that they have high requirements for publishers to be accepted to their platform. Their advanced programmatic platform enables advertisers to access high quality, safe and fraud-free video media on a truly global scale with optimized price and reach. They work with more than 650 premium direct sites across 55 countries and use proprietary predictive trading and delivery technologies which use big data to go beyond RTB for optimal video yield and performance.

SelectMedia works with the industry’s leading advertisers and is broadly considered to be one of the most trusted and reliable video supply and distribution platforms.

  • Model: CPM, CPV, Flat Fee, and Rev Share
  • Reporting: Real-time, site filtering, and ad filtering
  • Geography: Worldwide
  • Payment Method: Wire Transfer, Payoneer, and PayPal
  • Minimum Traffic: 250,000 page views per day

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Adpushup as advertising partner

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2. Undertone


Undertone is a growing company that offers video ads for in-banner and pre-roll. The company deals with high-impact ad formats and IAB standard formats. Undertone offers CPM rates that are 100% – 1500% higher than traditional ads, but they have steep traffic requirements.

Using ScreenShift, Undertone offers cross-screen solutions to leverage mobile traffic with clear, mobile-ready ads.

  • Model: CPM, CPC, CPA, and CPV
  • Reporting: Real-time, by campaign and ad filtering
  • Geography: Worldwide
  • Payment Method: N/A
  • Minimum Traffic : 500,000 monthly

3. PropellerAds


PropellerAds offers a range of different ad formats: Banner, on-click and in-banner video. The company boasts over 3,000 active ad campaigns worldwide and performs manual checks on all advertisements to ensure your website only displays the highest quality videos.

With detailed reporting and an easy sign-up process, PropellerAds reports 100% inventory monetization. If video ads can’t fill your entire inventory, they also offer passback, which allows you to show a different ad instead.

  • Model: CPM and Rev share
  • Reporting: Real-time reporting, reporting by campaign, and ad filtering
  • Geography: Worldwide
  • Payment Method: Net 15
  • Minimum Traffic: None

4. Unruly


Unruly boast its product by delivering reader friendly ad format, global demand partners, and a dedicated publisher support team. Even publishers with no video content can access these servcies. The unruly products are IAB and GDPR compliant. And it makes sure that the partners it is working with are also compliant to standard practices.

Unruly makes it really easy to on-board its platform using simple a piece of code. It follows the LEAN standards by IAB to deliver only quality ad formats which will not hurt users or publishers with their experience and revenue, respectively.

  • Model: CPM, PPC, CPA
  • Reporting: Real-time bidding
  • Geography: Worldwide
  • Payment Method: Paypal and Wire Transfer
  • Minimum Traffic: N/A

5. AppNexus Video for Publishers

AppNexus Video for Publishers

AppNexus offers a service called Video for Publishers. AppNexus lets publishers choose their advertisers and mode of deal like direct deal or programmatic exchange. Furthermore, it supports most video units like in-stream, out-stream and video header bidding as well.

With Appnexus, publishers can package and sell the inventory however they want by ensuring complete control over it. Also, a publisher can access global advertisers and AppNexus marketplace, as per the requirement.

  • Model: CPM
  • Reporting: Real-time
  • Geography: Worldwide
  • Payment Method: N/A
  • Minimum Traffic: N/A

6. RhythmOne


RhythmOne is a rebranding of Burst Media. The company offers an advertising solution that works across all devices, allowing publishers to maximize their revenue potential. In addition to video and rich media ads, the network also offers sponsorships and distributed content.

A trusted name in video ads, RhythmOne works with over 5,000 publishers under a revenue sharing model.

  • Model: Rev share and CPM
  • Reporting: Real-time
  • Geography: Worldwide
  • Payment Method: Check, Paypal, and Wire transfer
  • Minimum Traffic: 250,000 page views or 5,000 unique visitors per month

7. Chocolate Platform

Chocolate Platform

Chocolate Platform is a great option for monetizing mobile traffic. Designed for the mobile viewer, engaging video ad units are displayed with the sound off and can be clicked on to provide rich user engagement. Non-obtrusive and native, Chocolate Platform ads are ideal for advertisers and publishers alike because they don’t interrupt the viewer’s experience.

250,000 page views or 5,000 unique visitors per month

  • Model: CPM
  • Reporting: Real-time
  • Geography: Worldwide
  • Payment Method: N/A
  • Minimum Traffic: N/A

8. Video Intelligence

video intelligence

A complete contextual video ad format for publishers. Basis the website metadata, it takes video ads from the advertisers and place on publishers site. VI offers to the high CPM ads with an in-stream view.

Video Intelligence has a real-time dashboard that shows publishers what they are making at any given time of the day. And with a few clicks, this data of their earnings is available in the form of graphical representation as well.

  • Model: CPM
  • Reporting: Real-time reporting
  • Geography: Global 
  • Payment Method: PayPal and Wire Transfer 
  • Minimum Traffic: N/A

9. Exponential


Exponential allows publishers to utilize the company’s technology to offer in-stream, multi-device campaigns to your current advertisers.  The company also allows publishers with video content to utilize their content by luring in premium brand advertisements.

As a publisher, you’ll be able to monetize your inventory with a variety of creative formats. Support and consulting is also available to help you make the most of your video content.

  • Model: CPM
  • Reporting: Real-time
  • Geography: US
  • Payment Method: Wire and Check, Net90
  • Minimum Traffic: N/A

10. SpringServe


SpringServe is an ad server, however, it offers yield management and video ad serving to the publishers as one of the services. This product for publishers is completely customizable and makes the video ad serving possible for varied web publishers.

SpingServe also understands that publishers like to have control of their inventory to better participate in the auction. Hence, it makes sure transparency, control, and profit. The complete suite offered by SpringServe is flexible and provide advanced reporting with real-time data.

  • Model:  N/A
  • Reporting: Real-time reporting
  • Geography: Worldwide
  • Payment Method: N/A
  • Minimum Traffic: N/A

11. SpotX

Offering one of the most advanced publisher solutions on the market today. SpotX offers multi-currency reporting, creative reviews, price floor optimization, blocking, and bid activity reporting for publishers.

SpotX is an advanced network that offers CPMs as high as $10. The company serves over 2.5 billion video ads every month with over 1,000 publishers in their network.

  • Model: CPM
  • Reporting: Real-time
  • Geography: Worldwide
  • Payment Method: Check, Net60
  • Minimum Traffic: N/A

12. Fidelity Media

Fidelity Media

Fidelity Media has 1,200 publishers working with them and offers CPM, CPC and Flat Fee payment models to publishers. The ad formats that Fidelity offers are standard IAB display formats, mobile web ads, and in-banner video.

Requirements to join Fidelity are low, with 30,000 monthly impressions and 500 monthly unique visitors required. The company does not work with adult content sites.

Passback tags are available to maximize revenue in the event ad space is not filled by Fidelity.

  • Model: CPM and CPC
  • Reporting: Real-time
  • Geography: Worldwide
  • Payment Method: Check, PayPal, Wire Transfer
  • Minimum Traffic: N/A

13. Conversant


Conversant offers precision matching technology to optimize your revenue through highly-targeted ads. The company consists of premium advertisers from 5,000 of the world’s biggest brands, so payouts are high.

Crisp video ads aren’t the only ads displayed on the network. The company offers standard display, in-text rollover, full screen, over the page and rich media ads to ensure publishers are able to maximize their revenues across all devices.

  • Model: CPM and CPC
  • Reporting: Real-time
  • Geography: Worldwide
  • Payment Method: Check and PayPal
  • Traffic Minimum: 3,000 page views a month (Under ValueClick Media)

14. Adobe Auditude

adobe attitude

An ad platform that was purchased by Adobe in 2011. Auditude is a unique solution that allows publishers to use the platform for direct ads and fill any unsold inventory with the network’s own inventory of ads.

Offering full control to the publisher, Auditude allows you to leverage direct sales and have Auditude fill in when your sales run dry.

Serving video content to virtually every device possible, Adobe ensures that your viewers will be able to see your content on any device with one ad for every screen. Reporting is consolidated, and TV-like ad insertion is available for your own video content.

  • Model: CPM
  • Reporting: Real-time
  • Video Availability: Worldwide
  • Payment Method: N/A
  • Minimum Traffic: N/A

15. Viewdeos


Viewdeos is video-only ad network for publishers offering premium video solution. It claims to design the product for publishers to easy to blend with the content without affecting the user experience. The services are available for mobile and desktop devices.

With Viewdeos, you can utilize high-quality video ads. With its quality format and tested ad units, publishers can expect excellent service. The algorithms by Viewdeos is designed to deliver quality ads and maximum results.

  • Model: CPM 
  • Reporting: Dashboard
  • Geography: N/A
  • Payment Method: Net60
  • Minimum Traffic: 2M monthly pageviews

Video ads are the ideal choice for publishers who are trying to maximize revenue. Interactive, fun video content that is targeted to your audience performs extremely well and has a substantially higher CPM than standard ad formats. So there’s no reason not to try them out.

What video ad network are you using?


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