OK Adsense, you’ve been with us for years. 

For many of us, Adsense is the most recommended ad network we heard of. But as you know, there are always alternatives like propellerads. 

It seems like it’s time for adsense alternatives to make a splash – perhaps as an easier, more profitable, and reliable ad monetization partner?

At AdPushup, we actively review different ad networks. Propeller ads is one of the many networks we’ve reviewed. 

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Now let’s get back to propeller ads:

Propellerads Review: Factsheet & Overview

Propellerads Fact Sheet: 

  • Founded in: 2011
  • Supported model: CPM, CPC, CPL, CPI, and CPA
  • Payment method: PayPal, ePayments, WebMoney, Payoneer, Skrill, and Wire Transfer
  • Payment terms: NET-07 (Every Thursday)
  • Minimum payment threshold: $5
  • Supported language: English and non-English
  • Reporting: Real-time reporting
  • Live publishers: 9017
  • Minimum traffic: None
  • Website: https://propellerads.com
  • Employee count: 201-500

Propeller Ads Overview:

Founded in 2011, Propellerads offers display, native, video, and mobile ads along with the affiliate services. With 8 years of experience and having worked with over 150K publishers, PropellerAds claims to offer the best CPM rates in the market.

PropellerAds has developed in-house algorithms that enable better matching of users and advertisers. Along with being an ad network for the publisher, PropellerAds is also a self-serve platform for advertisers, using which they can create and design their ad campaigns.

PropellerAds is easy to get started with and publishers can create and paste ad codes on their own. However, for better support, the company provides personal account managers as well. 

Propeller Ads Features:

1. Global coverage: 

PropellerAds claims to monetize 100% web traffic with its massive advertiser pool from around the globe. This means websites with non-English content can get advertisers wanting to show ads to a specific native language audience.

2. Clean ads: 

With the help of technology and manual automation, PropellerAds monitors the quality of ads on the website. The same is used to filter out ads with malware and obscene content, only showing high-quality and risk-free ads to users.

3. AdSense compatible: 

Most publishers partner with multiple networks (including Google AdSense) for better ad revenue monetization. Keeping this in mind, PropellerAds has designed its platform to work smoothly with AdSense on the publisher’s website.

4. Adblock Bypass: 

Ad blockers cause revenue loss for publishers. Adblock Bypass, a solution by Propeller Ads, offers publishers a way to monetize ad block users by replacing standard display ads with non-intrusive ads (like native ads).

5. OnClick PopUnder Ads: 

Also known as ClickUnder ads, these ad types expand to full-screen mode if users click on them. These ads offer more details to the users with a link to the advertiser’s website. 

The format can help generate more revenue for publishers and also gives a clear picture of the user’s interest to advertisers (this data can be later used for retargeting), thanks to the user’s click on the page.

6. Publisher community: 

Propeller Ads has an online publisher community with frequent meetups for idea sharing and to help publishers grow their business.

7. Push Notifications:

For mobile publishers, Propeller ads has a push notification service to drive more traffic. This is done by showing a notification on the user’s screen about the latest content or services on the site which might interest him/her.

8. Lower payment threshold:

The company has recently updated its payment terms. With this new update, the minimum payment threshold has been reduced to $5. Also, publisher earnings are credited using an automated system to avoid manual error and delay.

Just like adsense payment, PropellerAds rewards publishers with traffic from top-tier countries. However, it is also open for websites with non-English traffic and content, for both desktop and mobile platforms.

9. Multiple ad formats

From standard banner ads to responsive rich-media ads, Propeller ads has many ad formats for publishers to choose from. Its dashboard supports over 9 languages for publishers to better understand the ad revenue in their native language.

High-Performing Propellerads Types:

Propeller ads is a decent solution for bloggers aiming to monetize their network of blogs. The ad network offers various ad types including:

1. Native Direct Ads:

Native direct ads are one of the most popular propeller ads where you make money by directing traffic to a link. You can drive traffic by using methods such as social media traffic, in-house pop-under, placing links on your site – and so on. 

2. Pop Under ads:

This type of ads pop in another window behind the original website. Pop under ads are usually seen on viral websites who drive paid traffic to their website. 

3. Push up ads for mobile:

Push up ads is one of the most commonly used mobile dialog windows that’s based on a basic user engagement. A simple browser scrolling or touch activates the ad window to popu-up ads with CTA buttons. 

4. Interstitial mobile ads:

These are full-screen ads that cover the interface of a web page. These ads are displayed at natural transition points. 

5. Banner advertising:

This form of ad entails embedding a banner into a web page. So, these ads occupy a spot within the website’s layout or app, either at the top or bottom of the device screen. 

Propeller Ads vs AdSense 

At the moment of writing this article, Google Adsense has over three million daily active users, which. In simpler words, Adsense dominates the ad network space. However, getting adsense account approval is not an easy task, especially if you’re just starting out. 

That’s one of the reasons why adsense alternatives like propeller ads are gaining popularity. But there’s more to propeller ads than the easy approval process:

Google Adsense Propeller Ads 
In terms of market share, Google Adsense is leading in Top 1M sites Propellerads lags behind, losing to AdSense in this segment 
Adsense has more usage coverage in website categories including games, news, electronics, technology, and 20 other categories. Propellerads lag behind in terms of categories. 
Adsense has a long review process that can take days, weeks, and sometimes, months. Shorter review process. No minimum traffic requirements, which means even smallest publishers can get approval 
Minimum pay is $100The minimum payment threshold has been reduced to $5
Adsense doesn’t display which ads are being most clicked by the visitors Propeller ads display which ads are being most clicked by the visitors 
Propeller Ads review: Adsense vs Propeller

Advantages of Propeller Ads 

No minimum traffic requirement: 

For small publishers, no minimum traffic requirement has to be the greatest advantage. They can start monetizing their website even with few visitors. This encourages publishers to improve site traffic and as they earn.

Wide range of payment options:

PropellerAds payout via PayPal, ePayments, WebMoney, Payoneer, Skrill, and Wire Transfer. Meaning, publishers have more options when it comes to getting their payments.

Low payment terms and threshold: 

The company recently updated the payment policies and reduced the minimum payment threshold to $5 with weekly payout (on Thursday). Again, this is great news for small publishers as weekly payments boost their confidence in the business and company.

Disadvantages of Propeller Ads:

Lower revenue for non-English sites:

The platform supports non-English languages, but the revenue generated with such websites is not as good as English websites. 

Low CPM on the low-quality website:

PropellerAds reviews website UX and design in its assessment. If your site doesn’t meet quality standards, expect lower CPM.

No header bidding:

Header bidding is one of the most powerful monetization methods available for publishers today. As the company doesn’t offer header bidding, PropellerAds publishers miss out on this technology and its benefits.

How to Get Started with Propeller Ads: 

If you are new to PropellerAds, sign up as a new user. Enter your personal details, contact information, and property (website) details to access the dashboard.

  • Sign up as a publisher
  • Activate your account and log in to the dashboard.
  • Click on Site > Add new site
  • Verify the domain ownership

Publishers are asked to choose the payment methods from the available options and notification settings. Upon reviewing the terms and conditions, the publisher gets to access the dashboard. 

Registration is free and PropellerAds is open to all publishers. However, if invalid traffic and/or adult content is found on the site, the publisher will be blocked from the services.

On the PropellerAds dashboard, publishers can add website(s) to the account. Next, the ownership of a website needs to be verified by adding a tag by PropellerAds to the website. Once verified, publishers can start creating and placing units to the site.


Propellers ads is a great ad network. However, it seems like it’s falling behind Google Adsense’s popularity and features. Despite its drawbacks, it’s hassle-free approval process, real-time reporting, and lower payment threshold is to be admired. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What are propeller ads?

Ans: Propeller Ads is an advertising network with 1+ billion online users per month. It allows publishers to monetize traffic with the highest eCPM rates and helps advertisers to achieve their goals.

Q2. Can I use Propellerads with Adsense

Ans. Yes, you can always use Propeller Ads with AdSense. According to Google policies: You are allowed to place up to 3 pop-ads on a page where AdSense is displayed.

Q3. Are propellerads safe?

Ans: Yes, propellerads ad network is secure. It is working with the most popular websites on the web, and doesn’t interfere with user preferences, site navigation, and downloads. 


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