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With stories on the latest industry trends, insightful blogs, and assets with links of deeper dive, join 10k+publishers to get your knowledge bite from Adpushup.

Don't leave empty-handed

Get access to resources that will help
you stay ahead of the curve.

With stories on the latest industry trends, insightful blogs, and assets with links of deeper dive, join 10k+publishers to get your knowledge bite from Adpushup.

Here’s a simple guide to choosing the right display ad network partner for your publishing business. 

Display advertising is undeniably popular in the online advertising space.  If you want to showcase them on your website or app, you’ll need a reliable display ad network. 

But before jumping into the first network you find, take the time to research and ensure you know what to look for. 

What is a Display Ad Network? 

A display Ad network, also called an Advertising Network or Ad Network, connects advertisers with website publishers who have space available for advertisements. It acts as a middleman, making it easier for advertisers to buy display ads and for publishers to sell their advertising spots. 

Display ads are graphical advertisements that appear as banners, images, videos, or rich media on websites. Advertisers use these ads to promote their products, services, or brands and reach a larger audience. These ads are strategically placed on websites that are relevant to the target audience of the advertisers. 

How to Select the Best Display Ad Network? 

When it comes to choosing the right display Ad network that suits your unique requirements, several important factors need careful consideration. 

Let’s look into the key factors that can assist you in navigating through this process smoothly: 

Define your Advertising Goals 

Determine your objectives and what you hope to achieve through display advertising. Are you looking to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, generate leads, or boost conversions? Understanding your goals will help you evaluate ad networks based on their ability to deliver results aligned with your objectives. 

Identify your Target Audience 

Know your target audience and their demographics, interests, and online behavior. Look for ad networks that offer targeting options aligned with your audience profile. The ability to reach the right audience is crucial for effective advertising. 

Consider Network Reach and Inventory 

Evaluate the ad network’s reach and the size and quality of its publisher network. A larger network can provide access to a broader audience, while a network with niche publishers may be more suitable for targeting specific demographics or interests. Additionally, consider the types of websites in the network to ensure they align with your brand and target audience. 

Review Ad Formats and Creative Options 

Assess the ad formats and creative capabilities offered by the ad network. Consider whether they support the types of ads you want to display, such as static banners, rich media, videos, or interactive formats. Look for features that allow you to create engaging and visually appealing ads. 

Evaluate Targeting and Optimization Features 

Examine the targeting options and optimization features provided by the ad network. Look for advanced targeting capabilities that allow you to reach specific audiences based on demographics, interests, geolocation, or browsing behavior. Optimization features like real-time bidding (RTB) and audience segmentation can help improve ad performance. 

Analyze Pricing Models and Costs 

Understand the pricing models used by the ad network, such as CPM, CPC, or CPA. Compare the costs and value you can expect from different networks. Consider factors like minimum spending requirements, transparency in pricing, and whether the pricing aligns with your budget and expected return on investment (ROI). 

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10 Best Display Ad Networkfor Publishers in 2023 


AdPushup is one of the biggest display ad networks. It serves a bigger and wider purpose instead. AdPushup defines itself as a publisher-focused platform that helps in revenue optimization as its features are perfectly aligned towards fulfilling that purpose, thus catering to publishers’ needs. 

If you’re just starting out with ad monetization, AdPushup would be a perfect fit. They have no minimum traffic requirement, but they exclusively work with websites already generating $5,000/month in ad revenue.  

AdPushup offers an extensive range of tools, neatly divided into three pricing plans based on revenue sharing. These plans come packed with valuable features. You’ll gain access to Google ADX and AdSense, enabling you to tap into their advertising networks. It also provides managed header bidding, comprehensive revenue reports, ad optimization, and efficient management functionalities, among other offerings.

Google AdSense 

Google AdSense is a mammoth in the world of display ad networks as it reaches far and wide in the digital advertising space. 

With nearly 2 million advertisers and billions of customers, its impact is undeniable. And that is not because it is highly capable of driving traffic to websites with unrivaled effectiveness. 

As one of the foremost ad networks globally, Google AdSense upholds rigorous quality standards. While these standards may appear demanding at times, they exist to ensure that only committed advertisers engage with Google AdSense. 

Google’s influence extends beyond websites; it extends its grasp on apps and various mobile-based programs, broadening your reach to a vast audience. 


mMedia stands out as an excellent choice among display networks, particularly for companies venturing into this advertising space. 

What sets mMedia apart is its lack of a minimum investment requirement for advertisers. With as little as $20, you can embark on your advertising journey. 

While it’s true that such a modest investment may not yield optimal results, it remains a viable option. In practice, your minimum investment will depend on the bidding landscape within your industry for specific ads. 

However, even if your aim is to dominate a particular ad type for a specific customer segment, mMedia can still deliver remarkable outcomes with investment below the industry average. 


BidVertiser, a display Ad network hailing from Israel, sets itself apart with its rich arsenal of in-house tools. This global platform proudly serves over 80,000 clients, encompassing both publishers and advertisers. 

While BidVertiser doesn’t provide explicit guidelines for monthly website traffic, they emphasize the importance of high-quality traffic, steering clear of purchased clicks from traffic exchanges. They seek websites that exhibit quality content, a minimum of three months of activity, and regular updates to their pages. 

Though the criteria may appear stringent, the rewards with BidVertiser are abundant. When it comes to BidVertiser, expect nothing less than impressive ad fill rates and the prowess of AI-driven ad optimization tools. They also offer omnichannel monetization, spanning websites and mobile apps, ensuring comprehensive reach. 

Apple Advertising 

Apple Advertising stands tall among the frontrunners in mobile display advertising. This position is attributed, in part, to Apple’s dominion over the world’s largest app store. This advantage empowers developers to effortlessly monetize their apps by incorporating ads. 

This streamlined system not only facilitates revenue generation for developers but also opens up avenues to engage with a fresh influx of potential customers who may have remained oblivious to your website’s existence. 

Furthermore, Apple Advertising boasts an intuitive bidding and targeting system, empowering advertisers to meticulously customize the appearance of their ads. This feature allows for precise selection and placement. 

 Airnow Media 

Airnow Media stands as a key component display Ad Network within the Airnow monetization platform. It operates as a demand-side platform, collaborating as an advertising partner for mobile-based advertisers. 

Its primary focus lies in delivering display ads, along with other formats, across mobile apps and browsers. Notably, Airnow Media extends its support to include CTV advertising, broadening its reach. 

With a vast network comprising over 150,000 opt-in apps, Airnow Media functions as a programmatic ad platform, incorporating real-time bidding.  

It equips users with a range of tools designed to enhance their advertising endeavors. These include fully customizable ad templates, precise audience targeting options, and the ability to monitor and report real-time performance with intricate detail. 


While Adknowledge may not boast the same size as certain ad networks, it remains a formidable avenue for reaching new customers. 

Versatility stands tall as Adknowledge’s key allure. It empowers businesses to advertise across video sites, social networks, and mobile apps, widening their promotional reach. 

Moreover, Adknowledge offers a distinctive proprietary system to gauge customer interest. This valuable feature enables swift, effortless, and precise targeting of users within your specific customer demographic. 


Leadbolt stands out as an acclaimed advertising partner and app monetization solution. Its SDK offers developers a seamless and uncomplicated integration process for monetizing their mobile apps through ads. 

The vast network of Leadbolt comprises numerous advertisers, with impressive case studies showcasing potential eCPM growth of up to 400%. Moreover, the platform’s highly customizable ads empower you to optimize your app’s monetization to the fullest. With a diverse range of ad placements and formats at your disposal, Leadbolt maximizes your app’s earning potential. 

Yahoo Ads 

While Yahoo’s web browser may not enjoy the same level of popularity as Google’s, it thrives in the ad tech domain. Within its platform, Yahoo encompasses both an SSP and a DSP, offering advertisers and publishers a comprehensive suite of tools. 

Yahoo accommodates a wide array of transaction models, ranging from header bidding to direct programmatic ads. 

The platform consistently maintains a high level of ad demand, resulting in commendable fill rates. Moreover, Yahoo’s publishers have access to detailed reports and a range of ad optimization tools. 


Epom, an excellent ad network for beginners, offers a free trial to advertisers. It boasts a comprehensive set of fundamental features, essential for any reliable ad network. These include in-depth analytics and performance tracking, ad optimization tools, real-time bidding support, and more. 

Epom excels in serving ads across diverse devices, operating systems, and platforms. Whether you seek to monetize your mobile app, website, or video content, Epom provides the necessary tools and resources. 

The Bottom Line on Display Ad Network

Still reading? Well, believe it or not, you are more serious than ever to get started with display advertising. 

That said, why not give AdPushup a try? 

AdPushup offers comprehensive support for placing display ads on your website. 

With advanced features like detailed analytics, a wide range of supported ad formats, and real-time bidding, it handles the work to ensure a steady flow of ad revenue. 

You can focus on running your publishing business while AdPushup takes care of the rest. 

Just give it a try once.


1) What are the best Display Ad Networks for publishers? 

Some popular Display Ad Networks for publishers include AdPushup, Google AdSense, Epom, BidVertiser, etc. 

2) How do I choose the best Display Ad Network for my website? 

Consider factors such as ad network reputation, ad formats offered, payout rates, targeting options, support, and the network’s relevance to your website’s niche. 

3) Can I use multiple Display Ad Networks on my website? 

Yes, many publishers use multiple ad networks to maximize their revenue potential. However, it’s important to carefully manage ad placements and avoid overwhelming the user experience. 

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