BidVertiser is PPC/CPC ad network for publishers and advertisers offering automated approval. Here’s the complete review with pros and cons.


  • Founded in: 2003
  • Supported model: PPC, CPM, and CPA
  • Payment method: PayPal, Bitcoin, Check, Bank Wire
  • Payment terms: Net-30
  • Minimum payment threshold: $10 for Paypal, $100 for Check, $500 for Bank Wire
  • Supported language: Any
  • Reporting: Real-time dashboard
  • Live publishers: 9,840 (as per SimilarTech)
  • Minimum traffic: None
  • Website:
  • Employee count: 11-50


BidVertiser, a division of Bpath LTD, started as a PPC ad network. Since 2003, BidVertiser has served more than 80,000 publishers and advertisers, globally. The company focuses on native ads, push notifications, pop-under, slider ads, XML feeds for both desktop and mobile devices.

It claims to connect the sell-side with the buy-side without compromising transparency. The company uses in-house technologies ranging from front-end through the server to backend, to power flexible services to their clients. 

BidVertiser has an automated approval process for publishers. Publishers need to go through the free sign-up process where they share their website details. If the website doesn’t contain illegal and adult content, publishers can start using BidVertiser and start placing ads.

Here’re the features offered by BidVertisers for publishers:

  • Multiple ad formats: As mentioned, the company offers different ad types. This includes: Native ads – Non-intrusive ads that go with the look and feel of the web content. Slider ads – Slides appear on the user screen at the right time for maximum engagement (can be intrusive for mobile devices). Pop-under ads – Tabs appear behind the user’s window without being intrusive
  • Transparency: For publishers, BidVertiser shares the complete details of the incoming bids, winning bids, and revenue made. Similarly, for advertisers, it shows the source of incoming traffic and audience demographics based on allowed targeting.
  • Targeting: Publishers can segment their audience based on geography, demography, and other cookie data. Afterward, publishers can package the segmented audience and show them targeted ads for better CTR and revenue.

BidVertiser affirms that their ad layouts fit all kinds of traffic. Furthermore, publishers remain the charge of optimizing and updating their layout anytime during the use. The team at BidVertiser monitors the traffic and ad quality to ensure complete safety. This is done by using in-house tools and third-party services.


  • Automated approval process: BidVertiser doesn’t put publishers on hold. The approval process is automated. If the publisher qualifies the minimum set of requirements, he/she will get the approval email instantly. Using BidVertiser’s dashboard, publishers can create layout and start seeing ads.
  • AdSense compatibility: BidVertiser works well with AdSense. Since AdSense is a contextual ad network and BidVertiser enables targeting, using these two networks together should provide the best of both. In short, running AdSense and BidVertiser together should improve bid pressure, fill rate and ad revenue.
  • Low payment threshold: If a publisher chooses to be paid via PayPal or Bitcoin, the minimum payment threshold is $10. This makes it easy for small publishers to monetize their web property at an initial stage of the business.


  1. No ad matching:

    Since BidVertiser is not a contextual ad network, it is not quite efficient at matching the right ads to the publisher’s website. While using BidVertiser, publishers can see ads irrelevant to their website and even audience, if targeting is not implemented correctly.

  2. Complicated advertiser selection:

    Publishers must set a list of advertisers for their inventories. Otherwise, it starts picking advertisers at random leading to a poor CTR. Next, the advertiser selection process can be tricky for new publishers and requires manual hours.

  3. Low earning for non-US traffic:

    Despite BidVertiser serving l publishers and advertisers globally, non-US traffic doesn’t seem to deliver a good fill rate for publishers. This trend is seen with most ad networks and in such a case, publishers are recommended to add AdSense to avoid losing on earning opportunities in case of non-US traffic.

How to Get Started

As mentioned, BidVertiser is an instant and automated approval network. It starts with the publisher signing up and filling out the form with the details of the website(s). If the website doesn’t contain illegal, adult, and pirated content, then the publisher immediately gets the email to start using BidVertiser.

In the dashboard, go through the ad sizes and types available. There are ad templates available to help publishers create their own layout and find the perfect ad size for the web page. After this, create the ad code and place it in site HTML code to start seeing ads.

BidVertiser gives ad points to the publishers depending on the performance of the ads (CTR and conversion). Then, these ad points are used by advertisers to score publisher’s site while placing their bids. In short, a good site means good ad points resulting in access to high spending advertisers.


1. Is BidVertiser legit?

Besides offering a high level of transparency in traffic sources, BidVertiser offers excellent security that prevents you from falling victim to bot traffic, click farms, malware, and viruses. In addition, it’s an ad network that consistently converts affiliate offers.

2. How does BidVertiser work?

Publishers earn ad points based on the performance of their ads (CTR and conversion). Adverts use these ad points to score publisher’s sites when placing their bids. Shortly, a good site means good ad points, which lead to high spending advertisers.

3. How much does BidVertiser pay per click?

Advertiser PPC rates start at 0.05 per click and Advertiser CPM rates start at $1, depending on conversions and country. If you click on an ad, the amount you get per click depends on what the advertiser is offering.


Shubham is a digital marketer with rich experience working in the advertisement technology industry. He has vast experience in the programmatic industry, driving business strategy and scaling functions including but not limited to growth and marketing, Operations, process optimization, and Sales.

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Get access to resources that will help
you stay ahead of the curve.

With stories on the latest industry trends, insightful blogs, and assets with links of deeper dive, join 10k+publishers to get your knowledge bite from Adpushup.